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Want to make amazing cakes? Our Baking Academy contains all the cake decorating technique video tutorials and baking guides you need, suiting beginner and intermediate bakers


Welcome to our Baking Craft Academy hub – an assemblage of crafting knowledge and expertise. Here, you’ll find an abundance of Craft Academy video tutorials covering a range of baking supplies and techniques, alongside our brand new range of Crafty Guides. Suiting beginner and intermediate crafters alike, our aim is to educate, advise and inspire, allowing you to further your baking skills or try something entirely new!

Academy Videos

Our Baking Craft Academy videos are all about togetherness, inspiration and creativity, catering for those looking to further their baking skills. Featuring a whole host of video tutorials, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to advance in your favourite craft. Our ever-popular baking experts and presenters aim to take your baking to another level with detailed how-to projects, introductions to first-rate cake decorating supplies and technique walkthroughs. There’s truly no better way to increase your crafting repertoire!

Cake Academy Videos

Our expert cake decorators show you how to make truly beautiful cakes. Check out these videos to discover how to make cake lace, baby decorations, sugar flowers, fashion toppers and so much more!

Crafty Guides

Our Baking Crafty Guides cater for those looking to try a new craft or extend their existing skills, featuring a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know. In our Bakeware Buying Guide, we aim to make purchasing baking supplies that little bit easier, providing detailed information, comparisons and buying tips. In our Cake Decorating Beginner’s Guide, we take you step-by-step through various decorating techniques and processes, highlighting everything you need to know to ensure you always produce professional-looking cakes!

  • Introduction to Bakeware

    Has The Great British Bake Off spawned a hunger to prove your baking skills to your friends and family? Well there's no knead to worry, we're here to help you rise to the occasion! Whether you're prone to producing soggy bottoms, you regularly whip up half-baked cakes...

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    Types of Bakeware

    Baguette Tray: This tray comes with either two or three 16" to 20" horizontal lengths with curved bases to form the traditional baguette shape. Sometimes Baguette Trays even have perforated holes to allow steam to escape while baking, crisping the crust. Baking Sheet:...

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    Bakeware Materials

    Aluminium: Aluminium baking tins are lightweight, yet durable, strong and excellent conductors – heating up extremely well, cakes and biscuits are often evenly baked in these containers. This material is a favourite amongst bakers due to its easy release and cleaning...

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  • Baking Accessories

    Apron: Baking can be a messy process, so most bakers will wear Aprons to protect their clothing from unwanted splashes and spills. Available in a whole host of colours and designs, choose an Apron that truly represents your personality to add a little fun to your baking attire...

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    Introduction to Cake Decorating

    So there's a special event coming up and you've been asked to sort out the cake – but a ready-made cake just won't do. You need to celebrate the occasion in style, and what better way to show your appreciation to a loved one than by baking and decorating your own...

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    Cake Decorating Tools

    After you've planned out the design you'd like to create, you need to consider what cake decorating tools you'll require to accurately produce it. Using the right tools is crucial as they will guarantee precision, quality and fundamentally – success. Below is a glossary of the most popular...

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  • Cake Preparation

    To achieve professional-looking results, it's important to level your cake before adding decorations so that you have a completely flat, even surface in which to work onto. Your cake is essentially a blank canvas, and you must make sure that it's prepped to the best of your ability...

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    Covering with Icing or Fondant

    Once you've baked and prepared your cake, covering with icing or fondant is the next step. Icing can either have a smooth, glaze-like consistency or stiffer, fuller properties. It's often made from icing sugar mixed with a liquid, such as water or cream, then enriched with..

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    Cake Decorations

    Embossing is the technique of creating a series of patterned imprints in fondant, adding intricate designs and dimension to a plain cake. There are many different tools available which will enable you to add texture, each working as well as the next – it's really just up to...

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  • 3D Cake Toppers

    3D Cake Toppers are the centrepieces of your cake. The difference between edible cake toppers and any other form of edible decoration is that you mould and shape the material entirely by yourself – without the use of moulds. Formed from a pliable, edible...

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    Presentation and Packaging

    The fun doesn't stop after baking and decorating your cake! Whether you want to show it off to the excited recipient on a grand scale or wrap it up as an extra little surprise, you're sure to find the right presentation for your cake design. Then on a practical scale, you don't...

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Free Downloads

Want to step out of your comfort zone and make something truly marvellous with sugarpaste? If you’re new to cake decorating and looking for some helpful pointers in the right direction, we’ve the perfect ones right here. And what’s more, they’re completely free – simply click on any PDF to view, save and print it!