10 Most Beautiful Pollyanna Pickering Digital Collections


Pollyanna Pickering is widely regarded as Europe’s leading wildlife artist. She’s well known across the globe for her beautifully realistic artwork and wildlife conservation work, both as an individual and in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation. All of the animals featured in Pollyanna‘s artwork have been sketched in their natural environment — she doesn’t draw from photographs to create her stunning artwork! For this reason, we think it’s only right to celebrate this amazing person and artist. Here are Pollyanna’s best digital collections.

10. Snow and Ice

Travel far and wide to the ends of planet Earth, where the animals that inhabit polar regions thrive. Find beautiful polar beads, Siberian tigers, arctic wolves and other frozen land dwellers surrounded by icy blue backgrounds and soft beds of pristine white snow.

9. The Story So Far

This unique collection is a compendium of 10 Pollyanna Pickering papercraft collections that have previously only been sold in paper format. Discover some of the favourites of the animal kingdom, including pandas, tigers, hedgehogs, and the loyal Golden Retriever.

8. Sketch Book Chapter II: World Wildlife

Explore Africa, where the king of the animal kingdom roams alongside his powerful pride. This collection features glorious artwork depicting the Africa’s most majestic wild animals, including giraffes, elephants, meerkats, tigers, and, of course, the powerful lion.

7. Christmas Moments

Would Christmas be Christmas without our faithful pets by your side? This festive collection celebrates our best friends during the yuletide season, featuring snowy scenes, holly and wreaths. Find Border Collies, geese, horses, donkeys, Yorkies, Westies, and more.

6. Sketch Book Chapter III: A Winter’s Day

The third round of Pollyanna’s sketchbook style artwork is set in Britain amongst white winter scenes. The collection focusses on the red-chested Robin, the barn owl, the otter, the red fox, and the common kingfisher. Most include a handwritten explanation of the animal.

5. Wild Birds

Pollyanna’s painting of wild birds are truly exquisite, shown sitting in their natural habitats. From graceful owls to the sublime swan, everything about this collection is utter perfection. Birds are by far one of Pollyanna’s specialities, capturing their beauty effortlessly.

4. Sketch Book Chapter I: Garden Birds

If you prefer your wildlife a little closer to home, this collection features birds that you’re likely to come across in your own back garden. From blue tits to goldfinches and swallows to wrens, discover a mesmerising selection of artwork based on our feathery friends.

3. Sketch Book Chapter IV: Woodland Birds

Pollyanna painted the 6 pieces of artwork especially for this release; discover birds found in amazing British woodland scenes. The tawny owl, little owl, barn owl, kingfisher, kestrel and pheasant each have a lovely handwritten explanation of their habitat and characteristics.

2. Sketch Book Chapter V: British Wildlife

Explore the best of British wildlife, each painted on handmade paper accompanied by facts and information. From the badger, hedgehog and otter, to the field mouse, hare and red fox, each painting is meticulously detailed with rich colours and truly incredible shading.

1. The Story Continues…

Now we reach the latest addition to Pollyanna Pickering’s digital wildlife range. The Story Continues includes six series of papercraft collections from her range, showcasing her best animal artwork as of late. Find everything from birds and big cats to cold climate animals.

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