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DIY Beach-Themed Wedding Cake

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“DIY weddings are getting very popular as more and more couples are trying to save money. But with the rising costs of so many things, it’s not easy! Between you and me, it’s the perfect time to show off your crafting talents. Make sure you’re organised and everything is done at least a week before the wedding so you can enjoy the moment!” – Cassie Brown

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Cassie Brown’s Amazing Chocolate Kingfisher

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“I never profess to be a good modeller. I remember only getting a bronze once at a competition because of my modelling. The judges said it dragged the piece down, so I’ve always been a little scared of it. When I went to the Squires Kitchen exhibition in March, one of the demonstrators recommended Squires Kitchen’s modelling chocolate cocoa form. I have a full packet of white cocoa form sat in front of me, so where do I start?” – Cassie Brown

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Cassie Brown’s Metallic Brick Effect Cake

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“I’ve been messing around with edible metallic colour by Magic Colours and I must say that I’m very impressed! I used a flat brush and an iced board; I was just doodling, but I noticed that if you put one side of the brush in gold and the other side in bronze and then paint, it looks like little metallic bricks. I’d planned to cover the cake with this effect, but I didn’t like it so I used a really big brush to colour the bottom tier. I loved the way the metallic colour moved over the icing – it’s very therapeutic. You should give it a go!” – Cassie Brown

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