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3 Treats You Need at Your Next Summer BBQ


Most people love a good BBQ when the humidity’s high and the sun’s beating down. Albeit, that may only happen a handful of times in Britain… but we Brits jump at the chance! The best thing about BBQs is that they aren’t just dinner — they’re social events, too. The humble BBQ is a great excuse to invite the whole family or your gang of friends over to indulge in grilled foods and copious amounts of Pimm’s, beers, or non-alcoholic cocktails. But we can’t forget what comes after burgers and sausages: those perfectly satisfying summer treat(s).

Note: Expect magical unicorn hues, a splash of Pimm’s, and a lovely helping of gin….

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5 Reasons Why You Must Make These Fidget Spinner Cupcakes

Baking, Cassie Brown, Kids Craft

Fidget spinners were designed to help children and adults with ADHD focus, but recently they’ve been taking the classrooms of the world by storm. This latest craze amongst kids so simple, yet so addictive. Children are well and truly addicted to the fidget fad — so what better to bake with them than fidget spinner cupcakes? They’ll go dizzy with excitement! If you need a little more convincing, here are 5 great reasons why you should make fidget spinner cupcakes, an interview with project creator, Cassie Brown, and the step-by-step project!

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A Fun Cake to Help Your Kids Learn Their ABC

Baking, Cassie Brown

Let’s get back to school! This alphabet cake is just a bit of fun and so easy to do — my 16-year-old daughter actually helped create it as a bit of down time in between her GCSEs! She chose the colours, letters and numbers. We made the letters together and Charlotte was in charge of artistically glueing them onto the cake. This would be great for preschool or someone working with numbers and letters. You could also colour-code it to suit your theme.

This project was created and written by our Cake Ambassador, Cassie Brown.

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Which Type of Crafter Are You? Flow Chart Fun [Infographic]

Baking, Home Crafts, Jewellery, Papercraft, Sewing, What's New

Crafties! Ever wondered what type of crafter you are? Well take our easy flow chart to find out! Drop us a comment on the blog below and let us know which crafter you are, and if you agree! For more fun like this remember to follow us on all of our social channels where we have all the fun! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. See you over there!

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