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How to Make the Ultimate Emoji Cake 😍😵

Cassie Brown

I loved making the little emojis to go around this cake. You could have so much fun by making up stories for the different faces, like finding out the sex of a new baby or being proposed to. I’ve used lots of different faces and I must admit, I did do my homework first on my phone! They are such fun and amazing for a teenage girl or boy’s cake. You could even create this emoji cake to take to a friend’s party. Let the pen do the talking on this one! Cassie Brown

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Add Colour to Your Life with This Rainbow Cake!

Baking, Cassie Brown

Rainbow cakes are very much on-trend at the moment. You can do so much with them by making the sponge cake different colours – just add food colouring into your cake mix before baking. Then you could cut a little gap into the centre of the cake and add some coloured sweets – and that’s just the inside of the cake! I used rainbow colours on this cake but wanted it to look a little more sophisticated. This is my take on a rainbow cake. Cassie Brown

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How to Make Sugar Daffodils by Cassie Brown

Cassie Brown, Easter

I loved making these sugar daffodils. Everyone thinks that I’m well known for my airbrushing skills, but I actually got all my awards for my sugar flowers. I must admit, flowers are my passion; I love the colours and variety. You never see absolutely perfect flowers, so you must remember that when you are creating sugar flowers. I like to copy from the real flower, so I went and bought myself some daffodils to take inspiration from.Cassie Brown

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