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How to Get Started in Embroidery Hoop Art #1

Charlotte Newland, Sewing

I’m so excited to be sharing my love of embroidery with you! Throughout this series of embroidery hoop tutorials, you’ll learn lots of different stitches by making your very own embroidered designs. For our first lesson we’re starting simple, mastering the split stitch — perfect for outlines and writing — and the French knot, used everywhere you need a dot.

This article was written by embroidery extraordinaire, Charlotte Newland.

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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in the School Holidays

Charlotte Newland, Kids Craft

Most kids can keep themselves entertained in the school holidays, while others… seem to always be bored. They’ve tried watching TV, but there’s only so much they can watch. They’ve tried playing outside… but it rained. So what’s the best way to keep them entertained? Keep reading to find a step-by-step project that kids of any age and skill level can complete!

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