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The Ultimate Guide to Crafty Night Lights

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Night lights can be used in a variety of ways. From a comforting tinge of brightness in a child’s bedroom to a soothing ambience in the garden during a warm summer’s night, there isn’t really a bad time to bring them out! Although there are a wealth of lighting options available to buy, making your own night lights allows you to uniquely personalise them. Crafty lights are a lot of fun to make — and you’ll have something to proudly display after!

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Dogs: Wendy Turner Webster’s Ideal Crafting Theme!

Crafty Beggars

“I absolutely love dogs (with a real soft spot for Border Collies). I’m proud to be a Patron of the Animal Lifeline Dogs’ Home in Stoke-on-Trent, Wetnose Animal Aid, and also Paws2Rescue — a UK-based organisation who help dogs in Romania have a better life. In October, I’m going out to Romania to do some filming with Paws2Rescue and Wetnose.”

This article was written by Crafty Beggar, Wendy Turner Webster.

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