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Jewellery Trends 2017: Wire Wrapped Stones

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Loose stones, rough crystals, and even marbles and sea glass can be used to create very decorative pieces of jewellery. By wrapping your stones in a thin but stable wire, you can make them into thread-able components to be able to use in your personalised jewellery. There are more decorative ways that you can learn to use your wire and even design some intricate bails, but this project will teach you simple and useful techniques to start with.

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Seashell Chic: How to Transform Your Keepsakes

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“We all do it, don’t we? Every time, we come home from the beach with a pocket full of shells, sea glass, sand, and lots more! I don’t think we can help but be drawn to the sandy beach and feel compelled to pick up some interesting finds. So why waste them? Let’s get crafty!”

This article was written by our Jewellery Ambassador, Sarah Millsop.

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Crochet and Jewellery Making: A Success Story?

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Crochet isn’t often associated with jewellery making. When we think of jewellery, most of us imagine elastic thread and wires — what we’d expect to see in accessory stores. In actuality, jewellery making can be far more diverse, borrowing techniques from a multitude of other crafts. Today, we’re going to focus on one stitch craft rising in popularity: crochet.

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How to Make Macramé Friendship Bracelets

Jewellery, Sarah Millsop

To make these really cute and pretty friendship bracelets, we will be using a series of ‘square knots’. There are so many different knots to use in macramé, but this is a great place to start and get used to the techniques. If you do not have a macramé board, you can use a clipboard of even an over turned box lid to help secure your work whilst knotting.

This project was created and written by our Jewellery Ambassador, Sarah Millsop.

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