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10 Best Sewing Machines Summer 2017

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Owning a reliable sewing machine helps you to unlock your creative potential whilst ensuring that you can complete projects in safe hands. It turns an arduous task into one brimming with excitement and enjoyment, enabling you to achieve results you never thought you could. Sewing machines aren’t just craft items; they’re cherished companions that help you to create your own clothing, make quilts, and do up your home decor. That’s why it’s essential that you find your perfect match – a machine that can withstand your creative talents. To help you find your ideal partner, here are 10 of the best sewing machines on the market this summer.

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Take Your Crafting Under the Sea!

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World Oceans Day celebrates our ocean on the 8th June this year, raising awareness for its protection. The ocean is a fundamental part of life on this planet; it’s our lifeblood. The plants depend on it, the animals depend on it, and we depend on it too. In fact, our oceans span across around three-quarters of the planet and generate half of the atmosphere’s oxygen. There’s no wonder that humankind is drawn to taking inspiration from such a beautifully significant part of the world. To join in with celebrations, we’ve created a top 10 list of ocean-themed craft products that you can incorporate into your crafting. Let’s dive right in!

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Which Craft Brand Does Butterflies Best?

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Butterfly Eduction and Awareness Day is on Saturday 3rd June – and it’s a particularly special day. The world is a happy place when we see butterflies, not only because they’re spectacular to look at, but because they’re an indication that the environment is healthy.

Butterflies tell us the sun’s out, the weather’s great, and nature is full of life. They benefit the environment by pollinating plants, consuming pests, and being a part of the all-important food chain. That’s why it’s important that butterflies are protected and celebrated. To protect them, we can take steps to help improve the ecosystem, refrain from using pesticides, and plant milkweed. In terms of celebrating, we know we can think of some crafty ways…

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8 Ways to Make Your Crafting More Eco-Friendly

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The world can be a worrying place. Shockingly, 92% of the world’s population live in an area where air pollution exceeds safe quantities. Instead of destroying the planet, we should be protecting it. There are ways that we can live happily and to our fullest, all the while causing minimal damage to our ecosystem. It’s all about making small changes to improve our carbon footprint. We all know the usual changes we’re suggested to make – conserving water, walking or cycling more, composting and recycling – but how can we make our crafting more eco-friendly? It’s easier than you think; here are 8 simple ways to make a difference.

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The Rise of Rose Gold: Is it the New Black?

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Rose gold has been a prominent colour in the fashion industry for quite some time, but it comes in and out of popularity. We can say now, for sure, it’s definitely IN. Why the sudden surge in popularity again? You can thank a certain phone manufacturer’s 6th version of their best-selling smartphone. When they released a rose gold tinted phone, the world went crazy for it. Since that time, the hue hasn’t seemed to have shifted in the fashion world. In actuality, it’s no longer restricted to the fashion world – now crafters can go mad for rose gold, too.

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