Nostalgia in Crafting: the Classic Rocking Horse

Christmas, Guest Experts, Papercraft

Rocking horses are a true icon of Victorian childhood. We’ve all seen them displayed proudly in houses before, whether it was your grandparents’ house or you had one yourself. This legendary playroom accessory has never been a fad. They weren’t disposable because they were — and still are — classed as handcrafted heirlooms. To this day, rocking horses are still passed down through the generations, but they’re rarely at the top of kids’ Christmas lists. At long last, rocking horses are making a comeback — so we decided to get crafty with one.

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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in the School Holidays

Charlotte Newland, Kids Craft

Most kids can keep themselves entertained in the school holidays, while others… seem to always be bored. They’ve tried watching TV, but there’s only so much they can watch. They’ve tried playing outside… but it rained. So what’s the best way to keep them entertained? Keep reading to find a step-by-step project that kids of any age and skill level can complete!

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5 Reasons Why You Must Make These Fidget Spinner Cupcakes

Baking, Cassie Brown, Kids Craft

Fidget spinners were designed to help children and adults with ADHD focus, but recently they’ve been taking the classrooms of the world by storm. This latest craze amongst kids so simple, yet so addictive. Children are well and truly addicted to the fidget fad — so what better to bake with them than fidget spinner cupcakes? They’ll go dizzy with excitement! If you need a little more convincing, here are 5 great reasons why you should make fidget spinner cupcakes, an interview with project creator, Cassie Brown, and the step-by-step project!

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Crafting Trends 2017: Watercolour Effects

Papercraft, Trends

Earlier on the in the year, Pinterest published a trend report highlighting the popularity of watercolour interior decor. In fact, it’s actually one of the most popular themes amongst its users. But that doesn’t at all come to a surprise to us! Watercolour effects have soared in popularity over the past few months not only in home decor but in crafting too. This multi-layered style offers a whimsical feel with smooth gradations and ombre blending.

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Pretty Origami Dress Tutorial [Video]

Guest Experts, Papercraft

Papercraft doesn’t have to be limited to cardmaking and scrapbooking — there are hundreds of off-the-page projects that can be used to decorate your home, as party décor, or as a small gift. This origami dress tutorial is the perfect example. Wouldn’t it be lovely to give your best friend one of these in a random act of kindness? Of course, these dresses would also make great card topper or scrapbook embellishment for the fashionista in your life.

This project was created and written by Kathy Hodson, Trimcraft.

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