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Cake Preparation

To achieve professional-looking results, it's important to level your cake before adding decorations so that you have a completely flat, even surface in which to work on. Your cake is essentially a blank canvas, and you must make sure that it's prepped as best you can. Levelling sounds tricky, but it's really very simple when you know how - and we're here to guide you through the process!

You have two options here – to use a special levelling tool or to manually remove layers of cake with a knife. If you opt for the first option, there's a variety of levellers available that won't break the bank. This tool has a large handle that curves around each side of the cake with a strong piece of wire or a stainless steel blade attached to each side, designed to reduce crumbing. This handy tool has a height adjustment so that you can decide how much to cut off the cake. Once you've altered the height, put your hand on top of the cake and move the levelling tool through it with a sawing motion.

If you'd prefer to level your cake the old fashioned way, you'll require a long, thin knife to carefully remove the crown by eye. Use a ruler to measure the sides of the cake, marking exact heights on each side so that you have an accurate guide. Horizontally cut across the top of the cake from one marker to the other, levelling the top of the cake. Both of these processes also apply to cutting your cake in half so that you can apply filling and sandwich back together, ready for the next step.

Wilton have kindly joined us in creating this video tutorial, taking you through levelling and torting cakes.

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