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How to Use Die-Cutting in Crafting

It's a wonderful feeling receiving a handmade card, invitation or gift, knowing that the sender spent a long period of time constructing and personalising it especially for you. But what's even better? Creating and decorating a gift for someone else, of course – and die-cutting truly opens up the opportunities for what you can create!

Examples of finished projects

The best thing about die-cutting is that it's applicable across a whole host of craft types and projects  you're not restricted in the slightest. Cardmaking is incredibly popular amongst crafters  after all, it's in our nature to want to express our thoughts and show our appreciation to those we care about. Die-cutting truly widens your design possibilities within this craft. You're no longer limited to standard rectangular cards, but can instead produce more specialist cards. Have you ever wanted to create a panoramic masterpiece or your own spectacular 3D diorama scene? Well now you can.

complex designs using dies

Not only is this technique useful in cardmaking, but it's also commonly used across scrapbooking, stationery-making and gift-boxing, as well as for creating bunting and even making 3D structures. And with brands continuously releasing more and more specialist dies in their plenty, your design options consequently increase too. Craft die-cutting isn't even limited to only papercraft anymore  now, depending on the machine and the dies used, you can even incorporate die-cuts into cake decorating, sewing and quilting.

Whether you're looking to create that extra-special card, a precisely cut cake topper from icing, perfectly identical patchwork blocks for a quilt, or fabric embellishments for a cushion, it can all be completed using a die-cutting machine. But please make sure you check your machine and die compatibility information before attempting anything too unconventional!

dies used in sewing, baking and quilting


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