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How to Use Hot Foiling in Crafting

Hot foiling is the method of applying metallic or holographic foil to papercraft materials using heat and pressure. Sounds fancy, right? So the next question is this: why would you incorporate this technique into your craft projects? Most crafters adore foiling due to its luxurious qualities. Similarly to those who use metallic cardstock and gilding flakes, foiling adds a glamorous sheen to cardstock, making your projects shine.

But how could you incorporate foils into your crafting? In a number of ways. Not only can you add foiled lettering, patterns and detailing to cardmaking and scrapbooking projects, but you can also integrate it into your party planning. Birthdays are extra-special events, celebrating the birth of your most loved ones – and hot foiling adds that extra-special touch to party décor, gifts and cards.

Have you ever considered ditching store-bought papers and making your own wrapping paper? Now you have the perfect tool. Foiling adds a truly decadent touch to giftwrapping, not only in wrapping papers but also across gift tags and paper embellishments, such as die-cut flowers.

However, foiling isn't exclusively used for special occasions... you could even incorporate it into your home décor! From banners and bunting, to inspirational quotes and eye-catching patterns framed and hung on your wall, the options are near limitless. And what's more, you aren't just restricted to gold foils anymore.

These days, there's a whole rainbow of metallic colours available for foiling, with some foils even including holographic patterns or pearlescent tonal effects. Paired with the huge amount of designs available, we've no doubt you'll always be able to complement your foiling with your project themes perfectly!

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