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Welcome to our Jewellery Craft Academy hub – an assemblage of crafting knowledge and expertise. Here, you’ll find an abundance of New To You and Craft Academy video tutorials covering a range of jewellery-making supplies and techniques. Suiting beginner and intermediate crafters alike, our aim is to educate, advise and inspire, allowing you to further your jewellery-making skills or try something entirely new!

Jewellery Academy

We've teamed up with leading jewellery schools and suppliers to bring you monthly
Jewellery Specials, aimed at giving you all the knowledge, techniques and products
you need to make your own amazing pieces - and even to help you
launch your own business!

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New To You

Our Jewellery New To You videos cater for those looking to try a new craft or technique. Featuring a range of video tutorials to teach you the basics, you'll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to start out in jewellery. Our ever-popular jewellery experts supply you with step-by-step with general jewellery tutorials, as well as providing beginner's introductions to a range of jewellery products and techniques. There's truly no better way to have a go at something that's New To You!

Academy Videos

Our Jewellery Craft Academy videos are all about togetherness, inspiration and creativity, catering for those looking to further their jewellery-making skills. Featuring a whole host of video tutorials, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to advance in your favourite craft. Our ever-popular jewellery experts and presenters aim to take your jewellery-making to another level with detailed how-to projects, introductions to first-rate supplies and technique walkthroughs. There’s truly no better way to increase your crafting repertoire!