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New To You

Our Sewing New To You videos cater for those looking to try a new craft or technique. Featuring a range of video tutorials to teach you the basics, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to start out in sewing.

Brother FS130QC Sewing Machine

Packed with useful advice, instructions and hints and tips, these videos will help you make the most of your Brother FS130QC 130-Stitch Computerised Sewing Machine.

Academy Videos

Our Sewing Craft Academy videos are all about togetherness, inspiration and creativity, catering for those looking to further their sewing skills. Featuring a whole host of video tutorials, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to advance in your favourite craft. Our ever-popular sewing experts and presenters aim to take your sewing to another level with detailed how-to projects, introductions to first-rate sewing supplies and technique walkthroughs. There’s truly no better way to increase your crafting repertoire!

Crafty Guides

Our Sewing Crafty Guides cater for those looking to try a new craft or extend their existing skills, featuring a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know. Across our Buying Guides, we aim to make purchasing sewing supplies that little bit easier, providing detailed information, sewing machine comparisons and buying tips. We take you step-by-step through the basics of reading sewing patterns and highlight which fabrics you should use in your projects, ensuring you always produce professional-looking results!

  • How to Choose a Sewing Machine

    Whether you're new to sewing or a seasoned stitcher, investing in a Sewing Machine is a momentous occasion! But what is a sewing machine, and how does it work? The basic ideology behind a sewing machine is stitching two or more pieces of fabric together using...

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    Types of Sewing Machine

    There is a wide range of Sewing Machines available on the market today, from basic straight stitch mechanical machines to all-singing-and-all-dancing computerised sewing/embroidery machines – but how do you know which type of machine is best for you? While we...

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    Sewing Machine Jargon Buster

    Often when you look at a sewing machine online, the product page will throw tonnes of technical terminology at you – but what does it all mean? To ensure you're getting the best machine for your money, here's a simple glossary unscrambling those tricky terms...

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  • Which Needles Do I Choose?

    If you love dabbling with different types of fabric and threads when you sew, you must consider which specialist needles you'll need to use to ensure you produce the best outcome. Using the correct needles for your project will prevent all sorts of disasters, so we want to help...

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    Which Sewing Feet Do I Choose?

    There are many different types of sewing feet available on the market today, but what are they all used for? We've devised a little guide which features the most common sewing feet, hoping to help make choosing the right ones for your projects that bit easier. Adjustable Guide Foot...

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    Introduction to Fabric

    Deciding upon a fabric is probably one of the hardest, yet most exciting decisions you'll have to make when beginning a new sewing project. The two biggest questions you need to ask yourself are 'what material should I use?' and 'how much fabric do I realistically need?' – choosing...

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  • Types of Material

    Cotton: A light, thin and soft material, Cotton is relatively cheap so is often used in a variety of textile projects. Cotton is ideal for small craft projects, quilting crafts and lightweight garments such as button-up shirts, dresses, socks, t-shirts, bed sheets and much more...

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    What are Fabric Precuts?

    Fabric Precuts are designed as handy ways to not only organise your craft room, but organise your sewing process. Cut into convenient sizes to suit specific projects, speciality precuts are affordable ways to coordinate your fabric stash and designs. So what are the most...

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    Introduction to Sewing Patterns

    When creating your own clothing, accessories or home décor items, Sewing Patterns most definitely make the task a whole lot easier. Not only are you supplied with pattern pieces, a pattern layout and instructions, but you also receive an incredible amount of useful...

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  • Choosing Your Pattern Size

    Before you choose your pattern, you should fully understand exactly what size you require. Sewing patterns generally differ from retail sizes as they are based on figure types, shapes and proportions, rather than just sizing increments. On this basis, you won't want to choose the...

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    Understanding Sewing Patterns

    Sewing patterns hold a lot of information in such a small place. The front cover of the envelope features the pattern number, size and helpful design variations, which could include different sleeves and collars. The back cover, on the other hand, contains a whole host of...

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    Sewing Pattern Symbols

    Coming across your first pattern can be a little bewildering due to the huge amount of symbols and markings featured throughout. Although they may initially look like random scribbles, these lines and shapes play a huge role in creating your garment – not only do they...

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