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5 Christmas advent calendars you need

These DIY calendars feature the cutest ways to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas.

5 Christmas advent calendars you need

1. Chalkboard calendar

Adding 25 mini paper mailboxes to a numbered chalkboard is a great way to add a bit of homemade charm to the festivities. To ensure that no one gets their fingers into the wrong box, simple use chalk to write out the days and funny messages on your board. Once you're done, all you'll need to do is fill each box with tasty goodies!

2. Mini container calendar

Re-purpose empty mini metal pails to make an eye-catching arrangement that's incredibly cheap and easy to create. If you're lucky enough to have 25 lying around, then perfect! All you'll need is a bit of garland, long and sturdy enough to be hung around the home. Tie bits of green and red ribbon to the handles, and use paint to add a number to each. Once dry, attach your pails in order of date to the garland, before filling them with treats.

3. Mini drawstring bags calendar

Mini drawstring bags make the perfect accessory for holding bits and bobs that your family will love. To get started, ready the items you'll be placing in each bag, as well as paint, a paintbrush, felt leaves, tension rods and green or red string. Place your tension rods evenly, one above the other within a nook in your home. Wrap green or red string around each rod, before decorating the nook with felt leaves. Paint the numbers 1 to 25 on each mini bag before filling them, and hang each by a piece of string from your rods to finish.

4. Mason jar calendar

Stray from the traditional treat-filled advent calendar and use mason jars to create a glowing countdown of the days in December. You'll need garland, pine cones, ribbon and battery-operated tea lights to start. Arrange your garland and pine cones to your liking, then wrap ribbon around each of your 25 mason jars, before placing an LED light in each. Place your mason jars within the garland, and on each of the days, turn on one battery-operated light until you have them all lit up on the final day. You'll create a lovely glow on Christmas day, while adding to the cheerful atmosphere with family and friends.

5. Mini amigurumi calendar

If you like a bit of a challenge, a tree featuring 25 of your favourite animals in little amigurumi form is the perfect way to test your skills. You can find tutorials of how to make them online and in books, making your crafting journey just that little bit easier. You could also opt for more festived-themed makes and whip up a Santa, reindeers and elves, among many other things. On each of the 25 days, hang one creation on your Christmas tree and watch your little ones' faces light up.