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5 Easy Ribbon Makes

Here are some clever, little creations that you can make with leftover Christmas present ribbons.

5 Easy Ribbon Makes

1. Tiny Bows

As you can imagine, they’re like ordinary ribbon bows, but smaller – and absolutely adorable! To make them, you’ll need a narrow ribbon, such as Creativ Satin Ribbon (451214), which is only 3mm wide. Wrap the ribbon around a fork once, then start on a second wrap, but weave the ribbon through the first and third gap. On the way back, weave through the third gap again. Finish by tying a knot around the bow through the second gap, and enjoy your cute result.

2. Woven Book Cover

Decorate any special books or journals (or that secret diary that no one can know about) with this lovely weave! Simply stick several strips of ribbon to the book’s inside cover, some going vertically and some going horizontally, and basketweave them on the outside cover until every spot is covered. Restick the ends to the inside cover, and cover with a card cutout. If you’re lacking in colours, why not try the Festive Ribbon Bundle (407097) for a vibrant assortment.

3. Ribbon Spring

Simply overlap four ribbons, and repeatedly fold them over each other, squishing them down in the process and tying off the ends to prevent any unravelling – it’s super easy to make and looks great. You can then attach the spring to a keyring, or make it big for a special garland. Alternatively, you can use a textured ribbon, such as Create and Craft Natural Hues Grosgrain Ribbons (370784) for a great stimulating toy that little ones will love.

4. Ribbon Rose

Flower embellishments are always gorgeous, and here’s one you can make yourself. Cut a circle of card with a hole in the middle, and wrap string through and around it seven times, evenly spaced. Tuck the ribbon under one strand near the centre, and weave it through every second strand, working outwards and puffing up the bits going over the string, until the circle of card is completely covered with a charming faux rose. You could even try it with Ultimate Crafts L'aquarelle Embellishment Bundle (400406), which has vibrant ribbons, plus other pretty embellishments to pair the flowers with.

5. Flower Headband

We still have a little bit of winter left to go, but spring is in sight! The plants will start budding and we can get our floral crafting on, starting with a lovely flower headband. Wrap ribbon around a simple Alice band, tucking flowers’ stems into every few wraps to hold them in place. A wide ribbon is handy for the task of holding all the stems in place, making Creativ Satin Ribbon (451213) an excellent option. The headband won’t last forever, sadly, but is wonderful for a special occasion.