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5 Mindful Crafts to Keep You Calm

The phrase 'mindful craft' probably conjures up images of adult colouring books – but as well as recent trends, there are an array of other crafts that will leave you feeling calm, aware and focused.

Indeed, there's something incredibly soothing about working with hands-on projects, so with this in mind, we challenge you to put your phone aside and create one of these 5 projects, focusing solely on what you're doing. Note the feel of a piece of fabric, the stroke of a paintbrush, or the crisp folds in a piece of paper. Give it a go and see what we're on about!

5 Mindful Crafts to Keep You Calm

1 Decoupage a plant pot

Introducing more plants into your home improves air quality, so this project will benefit your wellbeing even after you've finished making it. If you've never tried decoupage before, it's a great craft for beginners. Simply cut your decoupage papers into random squares and rectangles, then glue to a plant pot, fitting them together however you wish. Leave to dry and finish by putting your favourite plant inside! Try using this Cultural Delights Decoupage Paper Bundle

2 Learn calligraphy for letter-writing

Some might say letter-writing is a dying art, but few things allow you to be in the present like the soothing feel of pen on paper. Calligraphy takes skill to master, but with a beginner's kit and a bit of concentration, you can write elegant lettering to use in a variety of papercrafts. Why not try creating calligraphy sentiments for handmade cards, or writing the name of your recipient on the envelope of a letter?

3 Create a gift using origami

The ancient Japanese art or paper-folding is known to assist hand-eye coordination, concentration and memory. It's also relatively inexpensive to get started: with the simple purchase of an origami book and a set of papers, you'll be away. Try creating little boxes, cranes, and gifts for friends – you'll find you're spurred on to complete projects, by the thought of making someone happy with a handmade gift. For techniques and projects, try John Montroll's Teach Yourself Origami

4 Hoop embroider a mandala

Hand-embroidery is a great way to practise mindfulness, as you find yourself focusing on the pattern, distractions will seep away and you'll feel calmer. While embroidery can be complex, it doesn't have to be - you can start off with a simple embroidery hoop, a few thread colours, a needle and fabric. Shapes like mandalas are great to stitch, because you can get creative with colour schemes and don't necessarily need to stick religiously to a pattern. Create a soothing colour scheme, sit back with a cup of tea, and embroider to your heart's content...

5 Crochet a wall hanging

One of 2018's hottest craft trends, crochet requires a little dedication to learn the skills – but once you've mastered a few basic stitches, you'll find there are a multitude of things you can make. As you're crocheting, focus on counting the stitches, and the feel of the yarn and hooks beneath your fingers. Select colours that soothe and please you. Making a wall hanging is a great way to remind you to stay mindful once you've finished crafting, as it'll hang on your wall and bring serenity to your space.