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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 crafts for hosting the perfect Bonfire night

Bonfire night is just a couple of weeks away! There's no better way to usher in the colder weather than by wrapping up warm, gathering around a bonfire with loved ones and watching some amazing fireworks. Make the occasion a little craftier with these 7 fabulous DIY ideas...

7 crafts for hosting the perfect Bonfire night


1. S'more the merrier

This American campfire classic is sure to win over kids and adults alike. To make, you can either use shop-bought biscuits or make your own – if you do, make sure you go for a hard, crunchy biscuit so that the melted marshmallow can be squished in between. Next, toast your marshmasllows over a bonfire, then place them between two biscuits with a square of milk chocolate in between. Delicious!

2. Firework paintings

These are a great project for getting kids involved, and you can display them around the house in time for firework night. To make, gather some black paper, PVA glue and glitter in various colours. Draw out firework shapes using a pencil onto the paper, then trace over them in glue, topping with glitter.

3. Bonfire cupcakes

They might not keep you warm, but these adorable cupcakes are sure to keep your tastebuds happy! Bake some chocolate cupcakes, then create butter icing by mixing icing sugar and butter into a soft paste. Divide the icing equally between three bowls, then colour one using red, one using yellow and one using orange food colouring.Then put all of the different-coloured icing into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle, ensuring each colour runs up the bag vertically. When you pipe, it should produce an ombre effect that mimics the look of fire. Finish by adding long, straight pretzels to represent wood.

4. Glow-in-the-dark jewellery

Here's another project that kids will love! Start with some glow-in-the-dark clay, sturdy cord and clay shaping tools. Create symbols such as fireworks, moon, and stars from the clay, making a hole at the top of each pendant. Bake in the oven, cool and thread onto string for a fun bonfire night accessory.

5. Bonfire tealights

If you're welcoming guests into your home on bonfire night, why not bring the outside in? To create these charming little lights, start by cutting small teardrop shapes from red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Add double-sided tape to the sides of an LED tealight and attach the teardrops, slightly overlapping them. When the tealight is turned on, it'll glow through the paper.

6. Acorn frame

Make this seasonal decoration now and enjoy it all year round. Start with a plain wooden frame and around 100-150 acorns (you may need more or less depending on the size of your frame, so it's worth having plenty on hand). Cut the tops off the acorns with a sharp knife then attach them to the frame using superglue. Continue covering the frame until it's complete, then display photos with pride!

7. Toffee apples

No firework night would be complete without this classic bonfire treat! Start with 8 cooking apples threaded onto skewers, 400g caster sugar, one teaspoon vinegar and four tablespoons golden syrup. To make the toffee, boil the sugar in the pan with 100ml water, turning off the heat when it reaches 150C. Then sitr in the vinegar and syrup and, working quickly, coat each apple with the toffee. Leave them to cool, adding decoration such as pistachios or sprinkles, if you wish.