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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Crafts for the avid gardener

There are few more satisfying pastimes than watching a beautiful garden grow with crops you've planted yourself. Except, perhaps, when you can incorporate your love of crafting into the garden! With the following projects, see how the two hobbies can be brought together for a wonderful effect.

7 Crafts for the avid gardener

1. Painted stone herb markers

Label your herb garden with some gorgeous hand-painted stones. Start with some smooth pebbles in similar sizes, then use waterproof paint to create your desired design and add the name of the herb. You could even try painting an image of the herb onto each stone, or keep it simple with just name labels. Then pop them out in your garden and display with pride!

2. Seashore wind chime

This is a great make for those who live near the seaside. Collect a range of pretty shells and carefully drill a hole through each of them. Next, thread shells through lengths of string, knotting it to stop them sliding about. Create several lengths of string in this way, and then thread each length through a piece of driftwood with holes drilled into it. Attach string at the top to hang from a tree in your garden.

3. Golf ball ladybirds

Is there a cuter way to decorate your garden than with some upcycled golf ball ladybirds? We think not!To make, start by gathering a few golf balls, sandpaper and some red, black and white waterproof paint. Use sandpaper to get the gloss off the golf balls, then simply paint the wings, spots, face and eyes of the ladybird! You could even make some cute bumblebees to go with them.

4. DIY candle holders

Old jam jars are your crafting best friend. To make fabric candle jars, start with a semi-sheer, pretty fabric such as lace or a patterned fabric. Cut into strips and glue to the outside of the jar, then pop tealights in them, and use for your next outdoor dinner party!

5. Mini fairy garden in a basket

This is one of the sweetest garden craft ideas you'll find! You'll need a medium-sized wicker basket with a handle, plastic lining, soil, plants, gravel – and a little creativity. Line the base of the basket with some plastic – try a cut up bin liner – and then fill with soil. Add little plants, flowers and succulents of your choice and plant some grass in it. When the grass has grown, finish by adding a mini path from gravel and making a mini garden swing to hang from the handle, then decorate with some figurines.

6. DIY bird feeder

Once you've filled your garden with beautiful plants, there's one thing left to do – attract some twittering birds! There are loads of great bird feeder projects out there, and one of our favourites simply requiresa cup and saucer, a metal rod, and some bird feed. Drill a hole in the centre of the cup and saucer, then thread the metal rod through each, so that the cup sits right-side up at the bottom, with the plate upside-down above it, acting as a shelter. Affix both firmly in place and add some bird seed into the cup.

7. Painted garden tools

This is a really simple way to brighten up a plain set of garden tools. To make, simply use durable waterproof paint to create the design of your choice on the handles – try spots or stripes for simplicity, or let your imagination run wild with trailing vines, flowers, and other green-fingered motifs!