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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Easy-to-Make DIY Face Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over the past few months, many crafters have been showing off their skills by whipping up batches of face masks for their local communities. But now, wearing a mask will become even more common as shops and supermarkets require us to wear face coverings unless we have certain medical conditions. With this in mind, now is a great time to get your craft on and have a go at making your own face mask; after all, who doesn't love wearing something they've created themself! You can upcycle clothing or even use an old pillowcase, but just make sure that it is of a good enough quality to be effective – a study cited on the BBC news website found that the best fabrics to use are tightly woven cottons or twill, natural silk or quilted cotton. We've rounded up some great mask making ideas for you to try your hand at, and that you can craft in fun, spirit-lifting fabrics. Just be sure to follow the government guidelines and remember that a cloth face covering is not a medical grade mask, nor are they a substitute for social distancing or washing your hands regularly. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting it on and after taking it off, and try not to touch your face, or the face covering while you are wearing it. After each use, wash the mask well in detergent – you can pop it in a plastic bag so you don't have to handle it until you have an opportunity to wash it – and clean any surfaces the face covering has touched. Keep up to date with the latest advice on face masks here.

7 Easy-to-Make DIY Face Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1. Fitted Nose Wire Mask

A nose wire or nose clamp is a brilliant addition to the top of any mask, as it will bend around the bridge of your nose and form a better, more airtight seal – it’s especially good for people who wear glasses as it prevents steamy air from fogging up your lenses! Best of all, you can use just about any bendy wire you have lying around for this purpose, including twist ties, florist wire, or even pipe cleaners.
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2. No-sew T-shirt Mask

This clever tactic involves cutting a band from an old t-shirt, then making a cutout at the back to form the mask straps. No sewing needle needed! The stretchy fabric will easily fit around your head and it takes just minutes to make. However, it’s important to note that the World Health Organisation recommends that face coverings include three layers of fabric, so make sure you fold the shirt before cutting, or layer up.
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3. Folded Scarf Mask

You can easily whip up a simple face mask with a rolled-up scarf or bandana and two elastic bands. To turn the garment into a mask, simply fold the scarf or bandana several times to make a long strip, add the bands on either end, then overlap the ends. It’s quick and easy, and while it might not be as secure as a properly fitted face mask, it’s handy in a pinch.
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4. Pretty Floral Mask

Brighten up your surroundings with a mask made from uplifting fabric, such as the Oh Happy Day Fat Quarter Pack (567977) – the vibrant pinks and lime greens make for a lovely result. While face masks require multiple layers, people will only see the outside one, so you can easily pair your pretty fabric with not-so-pretty offcuts and leftovers for the inside layers, just as long as they fully cover your mouth and nose.
[image credit:]

5. Pleated Mask

A pleated mask can sometimes be more comfortable than a fitted mask, as the extra fabric allows the mask to expand and fit any face. This is especially handy if you’re batch making some for friends, family or charity. There’s also plenty of space for an optional filter. Regardless of the folds, though, the mask will still need multiple layers of fabric.
[image credit:]

6. Animal Face Mask

When times are tough, there’s nothing like a cute dog nose or mischievous kitty grin to lift your spirits, so why not have a go at making a fun animal face mask? You can embroider or stitch the features, or have a go at printing your own design onto the outer layer of fabric using a clever crafting tool like the Screen Sensation (400212) – just make sure that the final design is washable! You can even recreate a little one’s favourite animal to show them that wearing a face mask isn’t as scary as it might seem.
[image credit:]

7. Small Toy Face Mask

Another fun way to encourage little ones to wear face masks when in a public setting is to create a cute miniature version for a toy. To make one, cut up and refashion an old sock, using the elastic as straps and a length of the fabric as the mask. It’s a fantastic teaching opportunity, and your little tyke will soon be begging for one for all of their plushies!
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