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7 Ingenious Indoor Terrarium Ideas

With some creativity, you can bring the outdoors in with gorgeous but unusual decorations

7 Ingenious Indoor Terrarium Ideas

1 Fishbowl

You can never go wrong with a typical fishbowl – it gives you plenty of space to lay out a variety of plants in a sweet setup. Unlike plant pots though, it doesn’t have drainage holes, so it’s a good idea to use hardy plants that don’t need much water, like succulents, or fake ones. Pet and aquarium supply stores offer a good selection of fake plants for use in fish tanks.

2 Jar

Thanks to their tall, thin shape, jars present a great opportunity to create pretty layers of sediment and stones. You can go for natural colours in the form of charcoal, soil, gravel and moss, or instead opt for pretty coloured stones and sand. Then, simply top it off with succulents or fake plants. Why not create a few in different sized and shaped jars, for an eye-catching mantlepiece decoration.

3 Old crockery

Charming teapots and mugs make superb plant pots once they’re no longer being used. Since they’re opaque, you don’t need to worry about the layers of sediment – instead, just fill the crockery with soil and stones, and use a tall succulent or fake plant that’ll pop out the top or drape over the sides. Old cracks and chips in the crockery will only help to add character.

4 Coffee pot

An old, unused coffee pot makes a really interesting plant terrarium. Simply give it a good wash, make a small layer of rocks, sand or soil, and lay out the plants. You could also add small plastic figurines to help create a whimsical scene. Why not introduce a tiny gnome enjoying a cup of coffee in his garden inside the coffee pot?

5 Chocolate box

Boxes with interesting shapes, like heart-shaped ones from Valentine's Day, make fun hanging terrariums. To make yours, seal any cracks, spray paint the sides, attach a hanging loop and cut out a window if the box doesn’t already have a clear front. If you’re using real plants, make sure you cover the inner walls with acetate or a plastic sheet, otherwise the cardboard will get soggy when the plants are watered.

6 Salad bowl

Much like the fishbowl, a salad bowl gives you a large space to work with. Why not create a whole scene in it? You could line the outside with tree-like succulents, and decorate the inside with moss, plastic fairies and toadstools, to depict a secret gathering in the woods. It’ll look great as a table centrepiece.

7 Bottle

A clear alcohol or fizzy drink bottle makes an interesting terrarium. The long, thin shape of the bottle means you can create pretty layers of sand and stones. Since the opening is small, though, you’ll need to choose thin plants and use long tweezers to get them in, like those used in building a ship in a bottle.