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7 Snow-Themed Crafts

White Christmas or not, there's nothing that captures the festive spirit quite like a winter wonderland scene... which is why we've compiled the best projects for crafting up your very own snowstorm! All that's needed is a sprinkle of creativity..

7 snow-themed crafts mi

1. Snow globe

There's a reason this classic ornament pops up year after year... not only is it fun to make, but it's fun to play with! To make, you'll need a clear jar, fake snow, a glue gun, and some tree and snowman shapes. Start by gluing the figurines to the inside of the lids, then fill the jar with just enough snow to cover the bottom of the jar. Then simply screw the lids on, and you'll have an adorable winter snow scene ready to go!

2. Marshmallow snowman faces

This cute project couldn't be easier. Simply draw a smiley mouth and eyes on some large white marshmallows using black icing, then add a slivered almond for a nose. These can either be stuck on top of cakes and treats, or eaten just as they are!

3. Snow-capped fir cone decorations

Here's another easy make to boost your tree decorations this year. Gather some fir cones, clean off any dirt or dust, then adhere fake snow to the tips of each section to make it look as if the cones have been coated in a dusting of snow. Thread with string and hang from your Christmas tree – delightful!.

4. Pom-pom snowmen

Embrace the pom-pom trend with these adorable little critters! You'll need white yarn, two sizes of pom-pom maker, black beads, orange and black felt, and a little red yarn. Start by making the two sizes of pom-pom, leaving a small trail of thread from each, then tie them together and trim any threads that stick out. Next, glue beads and a small triangle of orange felt onto the small pom-pom to make a face, then create a top hat by gluing together strips of black felt. Finally, stick small twigs into the body as the arms, and you're done!

5. Lolly stick snowflake

If you needed an excuse to get through a pack of chocolate ice creams, look no further. These adorable tree decorations are super easy to make and require just a few items: clean wooden lolly sticks, blue and white buttons, and a hot glue gun. Simply stick the lolly sticks together in a snowflake shape and adhere buttons along the lengths, then thread with ribbon and hang from your Christmas tree!

6. Paper winter scene

If you're looking for a fun, inexpensive project to add some festive joy to your home, why not try creating a winter scene? To make, you'll need to download some online templates or draw your own, perhaps silhouettes of a winter village. Then carefully cut the scene and display with pride.

7. Snowflake biscuits

What better way to get excited for Christmas than by cooking up some delicious treats? To make some simple biscuits, find a suitable dough recipe online, then roll out and cut snowflake shapes – either using a shaped cutter or a paper template and a fine knife. Bake the cookies and, when cooled completely, decorate with white icing and edible glitter to make them look snow-topped.