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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

9 Rock Painting Designs You’ll Love

Many people have already had a go at painting rocks with uplifting sentiments and pretty rainbows thanking the NHS, but why stop there? You’re sure to find an abundance of nicely shaped rocks outside, making it a cheap, easy activity to enjoy with the kids. You can try painting cute animals, vibrant patterns or meaningful messages, then dot them around your home and garden to enjoy.

9 Rock Painting Designs You’ll Love

1. Tic Tac Toe

This easy little game is the perfect craft for keeping little ones occupied. Simply find some similarly shaped stones and add the noughts and crosses using a paint pen. Paired with a handy carry-all pouch, you can keep this nifty set in your handbag for games on the go.

[image credit:]

2. Ladybirds v Frogs

Take your tic tac toe game a step further with a creative lick of paint. These ladybirds and frogs are easy designs for the little ones to create using a paint set like our A-Color Glossy Acrylic in 10 Colours (479055), and the act helps to enhance their fine motor skills. Just apply a clear coat of sealer afterwards, so the paint doesn’t smudge or run off.

[image credit:]

3. Playtime Props

Fire up your kids’ imagination with this great idea! From fruit and veg to tasty desserts, the various designs are perfect for all kinds of play and stories – see our guide to make your own here. Why not whip up a set with your little ones, painting all of your favourite foods, and watch as they open their very own pretend restaurant?

4. Painted Cacti

Unlike flower blooms, succulents and cacti rarely need watering, but with faux versions made from painted rocks, you can enjoy all of the different colours and shapes without any risk of prickles! Get creative with tiny dots, crosses and lines, and you could even design little rock flowers to balance on top.

[image credit:]

5. Pretty Birds

The blue tit is truly a treasure in the British countryside, and the round shape of rocks emulates their plump bodies perfectly. Have a go designing this classic bird to display on your mantelpiece or a shelf, or try designing your own small bird species – robins, in particular, are perfect for the season.

[image credit:]

6. Marbled Painted

To add a little colour to an office setting, why not try marbling stones and create colourful paperweights? The swirling designs are guaranteed to be interesting and unique every time, since the art form is so unpredictable. Simply pick up some marbling paints that suit your décor or, if you're new to the craft, try our all-in-one Marbling Paint Kit (584170).

[image credit:]

7. Mermaid Stones

How gorgeous are these reflective fish scale designs? Whipped up with shiny paints like our DecoArt Ice Blue Metallic Acrylic Paint (521059), they reflect the light brilliantly. They look fantastic when crafted on their own, or you could add them to a larger underwater or seaside-inspired mixed media piece that’ll instantly transport you to the beach.

[image credit:]

8. Meditation Rocks

The practise of painting is incredibly mindful, as you focus on the soothing repetitive brushstrokes and focus your energy into creating something positive. These rocks take it a step further, with gorgeous designs that are inspired by the aesthetic of meditation and holistic practices – see Penelope Quinn’s step-by-step tutorial here. Why not dot them around to motivate you during a yoga session? [link: ]

9. Inspirational Sentiments

Much like the rocks that popped up around the beginning of the lockdown, these hopeful designs are great for boosting people’s moods and encouraging others. Have a go at crafting your own, with positive sentiments, personalised messages and uplifting jokes, and pop them in places where others can see and appreciate them.

[image credit:]