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Why You Need a GO! Fabric Cutter

There are so many reasons to love quilting. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it allows you to explore your creativity. Quilting’s downside? Cutting. Cutting quilting blocks and fabric strips can be particularly tedious and quite strenuous, especially if you have wrist and joint problems. A lot of hard work is put into forming accurate and precise cuts; you must meticulously measure every piece of fabric and then create perfectly straight or curved cuts using a rotary cutter. The problem with paying such close attention to your cutting? Eye, hand, back and arm strain. You want to avoid detrimental slips and wasting fabric, so you persevere through the pain. If only there was a way to change that…

Meet Your New Best Friends: GO! Cutters

90% faster than rotary cutting

Accurately cut up to 6 layers

Reduce Fabric Waste

Minimize hand arm and back strain

Let’s cut to the chase. GO! Cutters are specifically designed for quilters, accurately cutting up to six layers of cotton fabric at once, at a 90% quicker pace than rotary cutters.* Developed to help reduce hand, arm and joint strain, this innovative range of machines offers easy-to-use designs, clean cuts, and minimal fabric waste. The comfortable roller handle grip eliminates the aches and pains often caused by using a rotary cutter, leaving you feeling fresh and energetic. There are hundreds of different applique shapes and piecing dies to choose from in our AccuQuilt range, a selection of which are included with the machine. How will you change your life today?

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How GO! Makes Quilting Easier

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