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Accuquilt FAQs

Go Cutters

How long will the GO! Fabric Cutting Mats last?

GO! Cutting Mats can last for hundreds of cuts on both sides before needing to be replaced, depending upon the shape you’re cutting. You can extend its life by rotating and flipping the fabric cutting mat and not cutting in the same place each time. Dies with extensive blades, such as the GO! Rag dies, will wear mats out more quickly. If you start to experience inconsistent cuts, it’s likely your fabric cutting mat needs to be replaced.

Fabric Dies

Are the GO! fabric cutting dies and Studio dies interchangeable?

GO! dies are designed to fit in the GO! and GO! Baby Fabric Cutters

Can I cut other materials, such as paper, with AccuQuilt fabric cutting dies?

You can cut other materials, such as fusible web and small amounts of paper, with AccuQuilt dies. We recommend keeping this practice to a minimum and that you treat your Studio and GO! Fabric Cutter dies like you would your fabric cutting scissors.

Do I line my fabric to the die board or the blade?

AccuQuilt suggest that you line your fabric according to the shape on the fabric cutting die board - not the die board itself. If the blades on the dies are at an angle, you should angle your fabric and just cover the blades. This will ensure the fabric grain is aligned with the shapes’ edges and helps to minimise fabric waste.

How many layers of fabric can I cut at one time?

On the GO! Fabric Cutters, you can cut up to six layers of 100% cotton fabric at a time. On the Studio Fabric Cutter, you can cut up to ten layers. The number of layers you are able to cut with other types of fabric depends on the thickness and density of the fabric, plus the intricacy of the die design. We recommend trying some test cuts to determine how many layers work best with each type of fabric and die combination.

What types of fabric can you cut with the GO!?

You can cut all types of fabrics including cotton, batik, flannel, fleece, wool and denim, although the number of layers of each fabric you can cut is determined by its thickness and type. Always start with fewer layers and build up.

Why are the shapes on the fabric cutting dies angled?

For ease of cutting, the shapes on the dies are angled slightly to keep the blades from running parallel through the roller. Think of it as a speed bump - you angle head on.