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AccuQuilt® - better cuts make better quilts

AccuQuilt® - better cuts make better quilts

Let’s cut to the chase. AccuQuilt® GO! Cutters are specifically designed for quilters, accurately cutting up to six layers of cotton fabric at once, at a 90% quicker pace than rotary cutters. Developed to help reduce hand, arm and joint strain, this innovative range of machines offers easy-to-use designs, clean cuts, and minimal fabric waste.

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AccuQuilt® Home Décor

GO! Fright Night Pillow

GO! Fright Night Pillow

PQ3930i - Triangles to Decorative Pillow

PQ3933i - Hexagons to Table Topper

PQ3934i - Polka Dot Pillow Case

PQ3936i - Euro Shams to

PQ3938i - Flowers Long Pillow

PQ4326 - Fall Frolic Skinny Wall Hanging

PQ4327i - Holidays to Wall Hanging

PQ4333i - Chisels to Table Runner

PQ4334i - Raggy Floor Pillow

PQ4337i - Drunkards Path Wall Hanging

PQ4386 - Table Topper

PQ4485i - Holiday Medley Skinny Wall Hanging

PQ4565i - Star Delight Wall Hanging

PQ4576i - Rubber Ducky Skinny Wall Hanging

PQ4607i - Blazing Star Wall Hanging

PQ4608i - Arabesque # 2 Table Runner

PQ4610i - Arabesque # 3 Pillow

PQ4615i - Heart Applique Skinny Wall Hanging

PQ10075i - Double Wedding Ring Wall Hanging

PQ10076i - Drunkards Path Bounce Wall Hanging

PQ10112i - Triangle Hexagon Wall Hanging

PQ10161i - Appliqued Frolic Wall Hanging

PQ10162i - Snow Pillow

PQ10163i - Holiday Pillowcase

PQ10164i - Pumpkin Patch Wall Hanging

PQ10166i - Four Star Table Runner

PQ10167i - Square In A Square Table Runner

PQ10169i - Steppin Placemat

PQ10170i - Parallelogram Pizzazz Wall Hanging

PQ10171i - Night Song Wall Hanging

PQ10181i - Summer Flower Pillow

PQ10182i - Summer Flower Table Runner

PQ10183i - Summer Sensation Pillow

PQ10184i - To Your Room Wall Hangingr

PQ10185i - 12 Days Winter Bliss Wall Hanging

PQ10186i - Santas Signature Wall Hanging

PQ10191 - Pink Ribbon Awareness

PQ10196i - Kays Bouquet Wall Hanging

PQ10201i - Rosie the Xmas Angel Wall Hanging

PQ10205i - Ring of Oak Wall Hanging

PQ10210i - 4-Patch Stars Wall Hanging

PQ10211i - Energize Table Topper

PQ10213 - Cool Blue Star Wall Hanging

PQ10217i - One Big Block Wall Hanging

PQ10218i - Table Topper Twister

PQ10222i - Rustling Leaves Pillow

PQ10226i - Flower Power Pillow

PQ10229 - Cupcakes Wall Hanging

PQ10249 - Coming Up Roses Travel Pillowcase

PQ10260 - Aloha Arabesque Table Runner

PQ10262 - Welcome Home Wall Hanging

PQ10274 - Circles Wall Hanging

PQ10276 - Hearts Bed Runner

PQ10278 - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Wall Hanging

PQ10282 - Harrison Rose Wall Hanging

PQ10283 - One-Hour Scallop Pillow

PQ10285 - One-Hour Angel Pillow

PQ10298 - Linda's Garden Wall Hanging

PQ10302 - Clamshell Cove Pillow

PQ10304 - Flower Ribbon Wall Hanging

PQ10305 - Owl Pillow

PQ10306 - Fleur De Lis Table Topper

PQ10307 - Festive Bow Table Runner

PQ10311 - Broken Dishes Bed Runner

PQ10315 - Birthday Treats Table Runner

PQ10316 - Picnic Place Mats

PQ10340 - Tumbler & Flower Table Runner

PQ10401 - Flying Windmill Table Runner

PQ10402 - Snowflakes Wall Hanging

PQ10404 - Fly Away Pillow

PQ10405 - Flying Diamonds Placemat

PQ10406 - Celebration Table Runner

PQ10407 - Wallflowers Wall Hanging

PQ10408 - Winding Wall Hanging

PQ10410 - Classic Double Wedding Ring Table Runner

PQ10410 - Double Wedding Ring, Classic Table Runner BIG BOB

PQ10414 - Quilted Cats and Bats Wall Hanging

PQ10431 - Sewing Machine Organizing Mat

PQ10432 - Hugs and Kisses Bed Runner

PQ10433 - Sweetheart Wall Hanging

PQ10436 - Tulip Time Table Runner Pattern

PQ10437 - Awesome Blossom Wall Hanging

PQ10438 - Early To Rise Placemats

PQ10506 - Owl-rageous Wall Hanging

PQ10507 - Hoot Hoot Hooray! Wall Hanging

PQ10510 - Stretched LeMoyne Star Table Runner

PQ10511 - Bloom Table Runner

PQ10516 - Drunkard's Path Summer Combo Wall Hanging

PQ10517 - Americana Table Topper

PQ10518 - Flower Bunch Bow-quet

PQ10519 - Butter Churn Pillow

PQ10520 - Big Butter Churn Pillow

PQ10521 - Fleur De Fancy Wall Hanging

PQ10522 - Blooming Bunch Wall Hanging

PQ10523 - Jeweled Hunter Star Pillow

PQ10524 - Hunter Star Pocket Placemat

PQ10525 - Aztec Hunter Star Pillowcases

PQ10670 - Winter Forest Wall Han