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Exclusive Project

Autumnal Burlap Cutlery Holder By Rebecca Cole

A beautifully seasonal cutlery roll that will spruce up any autumn dinner table.

You will need:

  • Burlap fabric 42cm x 32cm
  • Autumnal coloured cotton fabric 42cm x 32cm
  • Felt in various autumnal colours
  • 50mm wide wired gold organza ribbon
  • 2.5cm wide antique lace ribbon
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric pen
  • Sewing machine with free motion foot and the ability to drop the feed dogs (optional)
  • Gold embroidery thread
  • 20mm wooden button
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Complimentary sewing thread
  • Floristry wire
  • Wire cutters

Time to Make: Approx 20 - 30mins

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


  1. Lay out your burlap and cotton fabrics right sides together and stitch a 1cm seam all the way around, leaving a gap along one of the long edges. Trim the excess away from the corners and turn the fabric through to the right side. Pull out the corners and press the edges. Top stitch the opening closed close to the edge.

  1. T2. Make sure you are looking at the cotton side of the fabric panel and rotate it so that it is in portrait mode as you look at it. Turn up the bottom edge 14cm and pin in place.

  1. Turn the fabric over and fold in the edges until they meet in the middle. Hand stitch the two edges together all the way along where they meet. You may find it easier to unfold the turn up to do this. Leave the top 5cm of the turned up fold open to allow room for the cutlery.

  1. Turn the fabric pouch back over so that the seamed edge is underneath. Cut a length of organza ribbon and, wrapping it around the top edge of the folded up fabric, tie it into a knot with the ends laying vertically.

  1. Cut some lengths of floristry wire and twist them around each other to create a hoop approximately 4cm in diameter. Extend the ends of the wires coming out from the hoop to form a sort of green wire sun shape. You don’t need to be precise or symmetrical with this. Feed the two ends of organza wire through the wire hoop so that it sits around the base of the ribbon’s knot and lay the ends of the wire back over the top.

  1. Trace the different leaf shapes onto different colours of felt. Thread up your sewing machine with gold embroidery thread and set it up for free motion embroidery. You do this by dropping the feed dogs and attaching a free motion sewing foot. If you are unable to do this you can replicate this step with a hand embroidery stitch instead. Feed the leaf shapes under the machine and stitch veins across the leaves. When finished, cut out the leaf shapes.

  1. Place a tiny dab of hot glue at the base of each leaf and squeeze the edges together until the glue sets. This will give your leaves a realistic 3D shape.

  1. Cut a length of the antique lace ribbon and wrap this around the organza ribbon, securing the ends in the centre over the knot with hot glue. Using hot glue start to stick the leaves to the cutlery holder. Start with the ivy leaves and position these along the strands of wire sticking out from the central wire hoop. Next place the other leaves around the centre, making sure only to stick them to either the wire or the organza or lace ribbons. This will enable you to remove the ribbon trim to wash the fabric cutlery holder should you need to.

  1. Next, feed the top vertical length of organza ribbon underneath the whole decoration and feed it out underneath to meet the bottom length of organza ribbon. Stitch the two edges together with a hand stitch and then pull the top ribbon back through, creating two loops of organza ribbon above and below the leaf decoration.

  1. Finally, create a loop from a small piece of antique lace ribbon and glue this in the centre of the felt leaves. Top this with the wooden button to finish.