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Caribbean Seas Necklace

You will need:

Seed beads – greens and blues and white 207638.000.081
Clasp – this project used one in the findings box but you could use one from findings pack

Beading Loom Kit with needle and thread 185302
Easy Eye Needle (optional – you may find this useful when finishing as it is finer than the needle in the kit.)
Bead Spinner (optional) (188428)
Strong glue (optional)
Beading mat

Here’s an opportunity to really blend your colours. For this project we’ve chosen a turquoise blue and a warm green just like tropical seas then for the added sparkle of the surf some white. The set-up instructions that come with the bead loom are great and there’s a really handy blank chart on the reverse so make sure you keep them safe. You can use our design as a guide or make up your own pattern.

Top Tip
The necklace is made in two lengths of loom-work so it’s a good idea divide your beads into two equal portions.

Step 1

Cut ten 90cm lengths of thread. Set up the loom following the instructions that come with it.

Rotate one spool a couple of times to wind on some of the thread. Wind the rest onto the other spool.

Thread up your needle with 150cm of thread. Position the loom so the spool with the least thread is nearest you and knot the thread to the left hand strand leaving a tail of at least 15cm. Start your beading about 10cm from the coil.

Step 2

Use the technique described in the instruction leaflet to loom 40 rows of nine beads. To add more thread simply weave the old thread into the work then add the new one in the same way.

You may like to tie a small knot and add a dab of glue for extra security. If you run out of room on the loom adjust the spools to give more space.

Step 3

Next form a dagger point by decreasing the number of beads. You may need to pass through existing beads to get to the correct position.

Reposition the length of loom work so that you can add a dagger point at the other end.

Remove by cutting off the knot used to secure the long lengths to the spools.

Step 4

Bring the strands together in pairs. Do this by either weaving one strand through a bead to meet the other or tie them together with an overhand knot as close as you can to your work.

Take one of the pairs and thread a random mix of beads on until you have a 35cm length. If you have a bead spinner this will speed up the process.

Step 5

Divide these strands and add another 2cm of beads onto one of them. Pass this thread back up the strand, skipping the last three beads, until it meets up with the other one.

Gently pull the threads so that all the gaps are closed and the last 3 beads form a little triangle.

Tie the two ends together, add a dab of glue and thread the spare ends back through the strand. Repeat for the other pairs of strand to complete the fringe.

Step 6

At the other end of your work, weave all but the middle two strands back through the previous rows. Thread the remaining two with about 5cm of seed beads.

Divide the strands and add to one of the strands another 2cm of beads and a clasp. Pass this thread back up the length of seed beads till you meet the other thread.

Pull everything tight, tie the two ends together to secure, add a dab of glue and pass the spare threads back through the strand.

You’ve completed one side. Now go back to step 1 to make the other one. To wear, do up the clasp, drape the necklace around you shoulders and tie the two fringe sections together with a knot. The clasp saves you from having to undo the knot each time!

The finished project.