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Chain Maille 3-on-3 pattern

Learn how to create the 3 on 3 pattern for chain maille projects. This pattern is suitable for beginner level jewellery makers

You will need:

Chain Maille Beginners Kit

Precision Flat Nose Pliers
Precision Round Nose Pliers
Beading Mat
Tool Dip (optional)

Step 1

To start, grip one of the rings either side of the opening with a pair of round nose and a pair of flat nose pliers

Twist the ring open (don’t pull apart) by bring one pair of the pliers towards you and push the other away from you

This method feels a bit like using both hands to tear a piece of paper in half; one hand comes forward and the other goes back

Top Tip
It’s a good idea to open 30 or so rings to start with, so you don’t need to put down your half-complete chain every time

Step 2

Keep hold of this ring with one pair of pliers and slip on three unopened rings

Step 3

Twist the ring closed using the reverse action in step 1

Make sure the ring is closed completely

Step 4

Take one of your opened rings and pass it through the three rings just added

Close completely

Step 5

Add one more ring in the same way so that you have three rings linked through three rings

Keep adding group of 3 rings until you have the length you need

Step 6

To finish, add a single ring and a clasp at one end and just a single ring at the other end

Make matching earrings using the same method (making them long in length as you dare!)

Instead of a clasp just add earring hooks

The finished project.