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Better in Colour: 7 Fantastic Paint Pouring and Marbling Ideas

Paint pouring and marbling are two different paint techniques that produce a similar result – gorgeous flowing colours and unique abstract patterns. Marbling uses special marbling paints and a tray of water, while paint pouring involves pouring the acrylics straight onto your work. Why not have a go at these techniques yourself and decorate your decor, art or crafty projects, for fantastic results.

7 Fantastic Paint Pouring and Marbling Ideas

1. Art

You can’t go wrong with marbling or pouring paint on a canvas – every try produces a new, unique piece that looks amazing hung on the wall. Use a complete kit such as Jacquard Marbling Class Pack, and have fun creating your own design. Alternatively, you could even swap the water tray for shaving foam while marbling to create a dreamy looking piece – we have a guide for the technique here.

2. Decorative Plates

Marbling can be used to turn cheap plates into gorgeous decorative pieces. A single colour mixed with white will create a more sophisticated look, while multiple colours mixed together will create something more whimsical and vibrant. Unfortunately, the finished plates are handwash only and you won’t be able to eat from them, but they make excellent trinket dishes.

3. Coasters

Paint pouring also creates excellent tableware – have a go at pouring various paints onto clear plastic sheeting to create an interesting design. Make sure to use a pouring medium such as Pouring Fluid, as it ensures that the colours flow better and don’t simply mix into a muddy brown mess. Then, once dry, you can trim it down to coaster size and sew it to a backing fabric.

4. Plant Pots

You can even mask off some areas of your projects, to create interesting motifs with your marbling or paint pouring parts – this looks especially great on plant pots. Gently pencil your design on the pot and mask it with a reliable tape like Creativ Masking Tape, then get painting! If you’re growing herbs, you could even mask the name of the herb, for a fantastic looking label.

5. Paperweights

To add a little colour to an office setting, why not try marbling stones and create colourful paperweights? The stones can be anything from special smooth ones picked up from the shop, or just interestingly shaped ones from your garden – just make sure they’re clean and smooth enough to properly colour. You could even use shiny colours like Magic Marble 6 Metallic Colours for something extra impressive.

6. Journal

Journals and books look amazing with paint poured designs – in this case, you should definitely judge a book by its gorgeous cover. We have a guide for the pictured journal cover here, using a dirty pour technique where paints are combined in a jug before pouring onto the cover, but you could also opt for clean pours, which involves pouring the paints separately straight onto the cover.

7. Candle Holder

Flat tray and glass cup candle holders also look great when marbled or paint poured. If your candle holder has intricate details or a complicated shape, though, it may be a good idea to mask off some parts. After that, the only thing better than a decorative candle holder is one topped by a personalised candle you created yourself, so use something like our Candle-making Starter Kit in Chocolate Orange for unbeatable results.