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Exclusive Project

How to make a Bookfolded Floral Display

How to make a Bookfolded Floral Display Project

“With not being able to take used books to charity shops during lockdown I am on a mission to find ways to recycle them. For this project I decided to have a go at book folding and make it into a display piece for the home.” Shabneez Khan-Muztar

You will need:

  • An old book with at least 400 pages
  • Katy Sue Designs Icy Watercolour Die Cut Flowers & Leaves
  • Stix2 Hot Melt Glue Gun
  • Pinflair Bookbinding Glue
  • Fantastic Ribbons – Bright Rolls
  • Ball Tool & Mat

Time to Make:2 hours (the bookfolding part takes the longest time)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Take your book which should be at least 400 pages and fold from the right hand corner to where the writing starts on the left.

  2. Fold the right had side of the page across until you are in line with the initial triangle you created.

  3. Continue doing these two folds until you complete all the pages in the book.

  4. Tear off the front and back cover and add a loop of ribbon to the top so you can hold it with ease or hang it up if you prefer. Add glue to the front and back pages and stick together.

  5. Make sure your glue is strong – I used Pinflair Bookbinding Glue which works very well, alternatively you could use a hot glue gun. Add clips to the pages to help them dry firmly in place.

  6. Adhere ribbon with a hot glue gun to the top and bottom of your project. This will help fan the pages and keep them in place as well as making it look pretty.

  7. Make up some flowers and leaves by layering and use a ball tool to give them dimension.

  8. Adhere the flowers and foliage to your book using a hot glue gun.