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Boxing Day crafts to keep you occupied

The presents have all been unwrapped, the Christmas dinner eaten and cards opened – what better way to spend Boxing Day than by making the most of some quality crafting time? Below, we've given you 5 great ideas for making the most of leftover food, wrapping paper and any other odds and ends you may have lying around...

Boxing Day crafts to keep you occupied

1. Easy-peasy gift tags

We know you'll have saved every scrap of sparkly gift wrap (if you haven't, you're missing a trick!) so here's a really quick and easy way to use it up. If you've got a die cutting machine, create die cut festive shapes from all different papers, then mount them onto small pieces of card and add embellishments for quick gift tags. It may seem strange to get making them for next year so soon, but you'll be so grateful to have one less thing to do when you're preparing for next Christmas!

2. Festive wall art

This is a great activity to get the kids involved in. Either gather scraps of leftover wrapping paper or head out to buy some in the sales, then cut them into small geometric shapes. Next, draw an outline of the image you wish to create – perhaps a reindeer, santa or elf – onto a large piece of blank card. Start sticking small wrapping paper pieces onto the outline to create your wall art, using different colours of wrapping paper to create the different coloured elements. Finish by adding any embellishments you like!

3. Fir cone decorations

This is as great way to add a crafty touch to your Boxing Day walk! Head out in a woodland area and put your family to the task of hunting for fir cones, then when you get home give them a good scrub and make sure they're clean. Next, gather some different colour of glitter and craft glue, then carefully apply glue to the edges and dip in glitter. Lastly, drill a tiny hole in the top and thread some string through. Hang these on your tree for the last few days of the festive period and bring them out again next year!

4. Smiling snowman game

If you're tasked with keeping kids busy this boxing day, get them to craft and play a fun festive game. You'll need a large piece of cardboard or a cardboard box, acrylic paints, pencils, scissors, and some mini soft polystyrene spheres. Start by drawing out a snowman's head and shoulders onto the cardboard, making a hole that's at least twice the size as the polystyrene spheres instead of a mouth. (The smaller you make it, the more challenging the game!) Next, cut out the template and paint the snowman in the correct colours, adding eyes and a carrot nose. Then attach extra triangles of cardboard at the base to make the snowman stand up, and have a go at throwing the snowballs into his mouth!

5. Christmas pudding trifle

Here's one for the foodies out there! If you've got lots of Christmas pud left and want to make it go futher, try turning it into an indulgent new dessert. Start by crumbling Christmas pudding (about 300 grams) into a large trifle bowl, soaking with around 100ml orange juice, and add peeled orange slices on top. Next, mix together 250g mascarpone with 500g fresh custard, beating to make a creamy topping. Spoon this over the orange slices, then add a layer of whipped cream on top, finishing with grated dark chocolate and chopped nuts.