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COLOP e-mark®

Introducing the COLOP e-mark®, the world’s first handheld electronic, mobile marking device that allows you to create and change imprints and print them by an easy sideways movement. Operated through an App, it offers almost unlimited designs, templates and features so you can create and print with ease. Leave your mark on everything from cards to stationery, journals and more, with the COLOP e-mark®!

What is the COLOP e-mark® Printer?

The COLOP e-mark® handheld printer is an electronic mobile marking device to create and change own imprints by using an app on a mobile device or PC and print them by an easy sideways movement.

How does it work?

1. Connect your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) with the e-mark via Wifi or through USB with your PC respectively

2. Create own or use predefined templates

3. Send the imprint to the e-mark… and slide

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What surfaces can be e-marked?

Currently, the e-mark can mark on any absorbent surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, cloth and other surfaces with special priming. Certain materials with non-absorbent surfaces such as metal, plastics or glass can be marked, but it will not stay permanently and ink does not dry. Use the COLOP label sheets and stick them on this kind of surfaces.

What is the size of an imprint that can be made with the e-mark?

One imprint can be up to 14 mm high and 150 mm long. Use the continuous marking function in the App to repeat your imprints and make even longer markings.

How is the e-mark operated?

The e-mark is operated by a software on a mobile device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) or on a PC. It generates a WIFI-hotspot and connects then to your mobile device. For the desktop version, you can connect your Windows PC via USB with your e-mark. In the software, imprints can be created, changed and transferred to the e-mark, which is immediately ready to stamp.

What can be done in the e-mark app?

Use the App to create your own imprints or use one of the numerous finished templates. The imprints can easily be sent to the e-mark and stamped immediately. The App offers several functionalities such as automatic date and time function, numbering function, barcode and QR-code generator and much more.

For which devices is the e-mark software available?

The App runs on Android and iOS devices and there is also a software for computers. Mobile devices with software versions Android 5.0 and iOS 11 and higher are recommended. Elderly versions provide only limited functionalities.

Do I always need my mobile phone/tablet for making an imprint?

No. Once you have set up your e-mark, you can store up to four imprints permanently onto your e-mark. These can be used in the offline mode – without connection to the software. To change between the imprints in offline mode, you need to tap four times on top of the e-mark. Watch our video ‘How to change between imprints stored on the e-mark’ for further explanations.

How many imprints can I make with one cartridge?

The range of the cartridge depends on several factors including size and ink coverage of the imprints. Around 5000 imprints can be made with an imprint that is 14 mm x 100 mm with a coverage of around 15 %, see example below.

I have a document, form,… with a predefined space for the imprint. How can I position the e-mark into this field?

Marks on the side of the e-mark help to position your imprint precisely in predefined spaces. In addition, you can choose your start position in the app for better operation.

Which kind of colour/ink does the e-mark use?

The e-mark is based on ink-jet technology. You will find a tri-colour ink cartridge inside the e-mark, which was especially developed for COLOP e-mark. The ink is water-based. Any colour combinations can be made with the three inks inside the cartridge.

Can I use the e-mark without power supply?

Of course – the e-mark is truly mobile. Its inbuilt battery lasts up to five hours when marking continually and even longer when making only several imprints. The battery is charged within 2.75 hours from 0 to 100 %. Use the protective case to transport the e-mark safely from one place to another.