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7 Brilliant Aluminium Foil Makes

Don’t throw away that used tinfoil – clean it up and turn it into something pretty and shiny

7 Honey Bee-themed Makes to Buzz About

1 Bobeches

Bobeches are the collar-like part of a candle holder that catches drips of wax, preventing it from hardening on a tabletop or tablecloth. They add a sense of couture to a household and DIY ones are pretty easy to make – just use a leaf-shaped stencil, die or punch to cut out several shapes from copper-coloured foil, burnish, and fix on a candle stand using copper-foil adhesive tape

2 Roses

Since tinfoil is super mouldable, keeps its shape well and comes in various different colours, you can easily create shiny bouquets with it. Cut several different sized circles from coloured foil such as Creativity International’s Foil Rolls (407227), roll the smallest into a tube for the stigma, and roll the rest around it smallest to largest, opening the tops outwards for petals. Glue these onto a covered bent-out-of-shape paperclip for the stem, and repeat for multiple flowers.

3 Figurines

Due to its mouldability, foil is also great for creating sculptures and figurines – in fact, some museums feature foil sculptures (just check out Toshihiko Mitsuya’s work!). Start with a wire model, to position the figurine, and bulk it up with foil. You can then add more foil for the outer layer, pinched into intricate details, or cover the work with modelling plaster, for a more statuesque finish.

4 Baking Pans

Likewise, you can mould it into specific shapes for baking – for example, if you wanted a heart-shaped cake. To make the pans, staple two long folded strips of foil together and mould into the shape’s outline. Place it on another sheet of foil, and fold the edges up and over the outline, smoothing it all into place. Finish by spraying it with a non-stick spray and placing it into a bigger baking dish.

5 3D Drawings

You can create clever 3D drawings with just some cardboard, foil and tacky glue, such as Tonic Studios’ Adhesives Craft Tacky Glue (468726). Simply pencil your drawing onto the cardboard, and use the tacky glue to build up 3D lines over the pencil drawing. Once dry, gently use a cotton swab to press the foil flush around the 3D lines, and wipe with black shoe polish for an embossed metal sculpture-looking finish.

6 Furniture Cover

With wallpaper paste, big sheets of foil and a little patience, you can even give furniture a shiny, metallic finish, perfect for industrial décor. While applying it, smooth it down as best as you can, into all the nooks and crannies, and remove the glue residue once dry. Wipe black acrylic paint over the surface, to settle in the wrinkles and give it some age and character, then spray it with a protective top coat finish.

7 Shiny Accents

With clever foiling machines such as the GoPress and Foil Deluxe Machine (427820), you can easily add shiny accents to your crafty projects. Plus they work with most die-cutting machines, so you can easily die cut a sparkly shape and transfer it straight onto cardstock, vellum, ribbons, fabrics, chipboard and more. You can find out more about hot foiling at