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7 Brilliant Ideas for Bullet Journaling

With a gorgeous, cleverly-planned bullet journal, you’re ready for everything and anything

7 Brilliant Ideas for Bullet Journaling

1 Daily Planner

Daily chores and duties don’t really inspire excitement on their own, but try spreading the week across two pages and writing motivational quotes to inspire you through the seven days – your to-do list won't seem as intimidating when it's surrounded by pretty colours and decorations. Positive reminders, such as Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Uplifting Sentiments, will also help inspire excitement for events that might otherwise seem mundane.

2 Reading Library

For all the bookworms out there, a bullet journal is a fantastic way to keep track of what books you’ve read, and what ones you’d love to in the future. Why not even design the page in the style of a bookshelf, dividing them into different categories and writing the names along the spines – how charming! You can then fill the drawn books in with Colour Bullet Journaling Pens, in different colours depending on how good or bad you found them.

3 Movie Tracker

Much like the reading library, you can record what movies you’ve seen recently, and what ones you’d like to. Divide the page with several drawn or stamped retro film reels or movie clappers, and write the name of each film on the separate box. You can then rate how good you found the movie with little stamped stars, and add a cute doodle reminiscent of it.

4 Meal Planner

It’s hard to keep to a planned diet, but with the help of a gorgeously decorated bullet journal, you’ll never again have to frantically rush around the shops trying to find dinner for that night. Plan out the food types by colour coding, and use a stamp collection such as Targets and Goals to mark the days of the week. Once you’ve successfully stuck to a week’s schedule, you can even reward yourself with a satisfying stamp of ‘YOU DID IT!’

5 Sleep Tracker

It’s not something you’d think to keep track of, but getting your eight hours every night is important to your physical and mental wellbeing. Make a note of what time you need to get up in the morning, and make sure you’re going to bed at a good time. Once you’ve woken, you can then record the quality of sleep with pretty coloured pens. Why not even leave an inspiring message for yourself, to be read upon waking up?

6 Crafty Journal

A combination of a daily planner and crafty journal will ensure that you set aside time to make the things you’ve always wanted to. Add the tools needed for each crafty project in bright colours and make use of your creative skills by adding a small sketch alongside each craft plan. Stamps such as Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Moods can help you review what projects went perfectly, and what projects might turn out better the next time you go on a crafty adventure.

7 Monthly Mood Board

As well as planning for the future, it’s fun to record events as they happen. Why not try splitting up a page for all the days of a month, using a ruler or square stamp, then as that day passes, draw, stamp or stick something on that day’s space that represents what’s happened. Once the month is over, you’ll have a delightful patchwork design of a whole month’s worth of memories.