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The Butterick brand was founded in 1863 by Ebenezer Butterick. It changed the face of home sewing forever with the first graded sewing pattern. Butterick continued to lead the way all over the world in make-it-yourself fashions for the next 150 years. Now part of the McCall Pattern Company, Butterick is taking this expertise further by launching a new range of sewing machines and accessories to market, exclusively available at Create and Craft.

A list of the most common questions and answers:

I've never used a sewing machine before, is this one easy to use?

So easy! Select a stitch, put our fabric under the needle and sew! There are comprehensive instructions included and tutorials on our web site to help you. Practice on scrap fabric first, you'll soon be making your first project.

How do I sew in a straight line?

Practice makes perfect! There is a guide on the needle plate, or you could put a strip of masking tape over the bed of the machine, and run the fabric against that to guide it.

How often do I need to change the needle?

It's recommended after every eight hours of sewing, but you'll know when the time is right as the machine will sound noisy and the holes in the fabric where the needle penetrates may look big.

What thread should I use?

Use the best quality you can, you'll find the thread is stronger. Try to use the same fabric content as your material, cotton thread for cotton, polyester for manmade etc.

How do I clean my machine?

Wipe the machine with a slightly damp cloth, never use sprays around your machine. Occasionally take off the needle plate with the screw driver included in the bundle, and use the lint brush to scoop up any dust. Don't be tempted to blow into your machine to blow away dust, you'll introduce damp which isn't welcome!

Can I sew through thick fabric?

Yes! But invest in a denim needle, these are strong needles that can cope with thicker, or multiple layers of fabric.

I'm worried about the machine sewing too fast for me...

Don't worry, you have a speed control on the front of the machine which can be used without the foot pedal, or when the foot pedal is plugged in, can still slow down the speed of the machine.

Any tips for sewing button holes?

Yes, place the button in the back of the foot, draw down the button hole bar at the side of the machine, choose your stitch and sew on a scrap piece of fabric. This will enable you to see the exact size of the button hole, and if the stitches are the right size for your project. Then mark the position of the button hole using this as a template so you sew it in exactly the right position.

Can I sew stretch fabric?

Absolutely! Invest in a stretch needle, this will have a slightly rounded point to avoid cutting through the fibres of the fabric, then choose a triple straight stitch or small zig-zag stitch, you don't want those stitches to crack when you put on your garment!

Can I sew buttons on with this machine?

Yes you can! Snap on the button placement foot, [the one with the blue bits on the end], and choose the button placement function. [take a look in the manual]. Turn the hand wheel at the side of the machine towards you gently to make sure the needle goes through the holes in the button, you may need to adjust the width of the stitch. When the needle slips straight through the holes, sew!

Why are Butterick making sewing machines?

Butterick are the biggest manufacturer of sewing patterns, and wanted to provide their customers with a complete service of quality patterns, machines and inspiration. All you need is fabric and scissors!