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Exclusive Project

Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant

Angela Finch’s: Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant

A great next step project for those learning wirework. Learn how to keep a cabochon securely in place to create a beautiful pendant.

You will need:

  • 1 mm silver copper wire
  • 0.4mm silver copper wire
  • Onyx cabochon (3.5cm by 2.5cm)
  • Purple Tape
  • Flush cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers

Time to Make: 30 mins - 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate


  1. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Cut 3 lengths of 30cm of the 1mm silver copper wire. Line them up together, and find the middle. Wrap (from the reel) the 0.4mm wire around all 3 1mm wires, keeping them flat. Use nails or pliers to keep the wraps together. Wrap long enough to cover the bottom of the cabochon. Then cut both ends of the wire with the flush cutters, and use the flat nose pliers to secure the wires. Make sure both ends are secured at the same side of the wires.
  2. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Curve the wires around the cabochon. Make sure the side where you secured the 0.4mm wire is close to the cabochon. (This hides it.) Move the cabochon, and take the 2 top wires. Move the wires towards the centre and use the flat nose pliers to create an angle on both sides in the same place. Do this again for the back 2 wires.
  3. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Gently place the cabochon between these wires. The wires will probably have to be moved to accommodate the cabochon. Move them back when the cabochon is in place. At this point, it makes things easier if purple tape is used to keep the wires in place.
  4. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Curve the middle wires around the cabochon. Once they are in the middle use the flat nose pliers to create a right angle so the wire is facing up. Do this on both wires. Then move all the other spare wires so they face up.
  5. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Use one of the outer wires to wrap around the base of the wires to secure them in place. Take 3 of the wires and create a curve, this will be the bail. Use round nose pliers, or the handle of one of your pliers to create this curve.
  6. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Use the wire that was not curved to wrap around the base of the bail, going the opposite way to the first wrap. This will secure the wrap in place. Cut off the excess wire of the curve. At this point, these wires can have loops created on the ends of them.
  7. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Using one of the remaining long wires create a spiral. Use the round nose pliers to create a loop, then the flat nose pliers to move the wire around the loop. Then flatten it down against the front of the bail.
  8. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant Create a spiral with the other wire for the other side of the pendant. This one will hide all the wires that created the curve. Take off the purple tape.
  9. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant At this point the wires may have moved, so move them gently back into position. The purple tape will have made the pendant sticky. Wash the pendant in warm soapy water. It is better to wash any wirework after it is complete to remove all the oils that your hands will have put on them while creating. The pendant is now finished.