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Card Making Tips & Tricks

  1. Use complementary colours throughout, but try not to use over three colours on your card.
  2. Mat and Layer to achieve that professional look – mirror card looks especially effective when layering, using it as a beautiful frame for your creation.
  3. Make sure you're extremely careful when cutting layers – for a more professional final product, straight edges and sharp corners are required. If you have shaky hands, try a cutting tool!
  4. Images in odd number groups (3, 5, and 7) are most pleasing on the eye.
  5. Remember, sometimes less is more – don't overdo a design!
  6. Have a look around card shops and card galleries online to take inspiration from what other people have created – you could take a small aspect and incorporate it into your own design.
  7. To give a slightly raised image to your embellishments, use adhesive dots or foam pads to attach.
  8. To avoid unattractive glue marks when crafting with vellum, use adhesive or glue in places, covering the glue areas with embellishments. Outline stickers also work well too.
  9. Use craft tweezers to peel stickers from the backing sheets, preserving their condition.
  10. You can also use your favourite card making techniques in a variety of other papercrafts, like scrapbooking and gift wrapping – why not broaden your horizons?

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