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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Clever Crafty Uses for Chalkboard Paint

When you can create your own chalkboard anywhere you like, the possibilities are endless!

7 Clever Crafty Uses for Chalkboard Paint

1 Kids’ Play Wall

Little ones will love the chance to get creative on a blackboard wall, sketching art pieces and practising writing, especially if it’s their bedroom that they’re customising. The board doesn’t even have to be black, as chalkboard paint is available in a range of colours. Just keep a cloth handy for any little hands covered in chalk dust.

2 Jar Labels

Personalised labels are always charming, and super helpful too, especially for hard to identify contents like icing sugar and flour. Why not use a pretty stencil to create decorative labels in chalkboard paint, then practice your fancy looping font writing the name of the jar’s contents?

3 Welcome Home Plaque

There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm, loving “welcome home”, so making a message board to go by the front door is a great idea. You can then customise the welcoming message for arriving friends and family, and even leave reminders – you won’t forget your car keys again!

4 Craft Supply Reminder Board

Need to restock your supply of coloured card but keep forgetting? You won’t with a reminder board painted onto the side of your craft supply drawers or storage. It could also be used as a planner for what exciting projects you plan to try next, or simply a guide to what crafty supplies are kept in what drawers.

5 Dresser Tags

If you’ve taken Marie Kondo’s tidying teachings to heart, you’ve probably organized your dresser drawers into neat sections for socks, underwear and the like. Why not paint a little chalkboard tab onto the drawers, to identify which is which? You could even draw little doodles instead of writing the names, for a charming touch.

6 Calendar Wall

You won’t forget important dates or events when your whole calendar is displayed on your bedroom wall, in a rainbow of coloured chalk. Of course, if you don’t want the whole wall covered, you could just use or make a stencil from paper or masking tape, and paint six rows by seven columns of chalkboard boxes for each day of a month, then update it as needed.

7 Baking Reminder Board

Want to keep a precious family recipes close, or remind yourself how many tablespoons are in a cup? A clever idea is to paint the inside of cupboard doors with chalkboard paint, so you can write down all the baking and cooking information that you need – it’s certainly more interesting than a recipe sheet.