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  • Charlotte Newland Create and Craft Ambassador

    Getting to
    Know You

    Subject at school: - Science

    Childhood dream career: - Doctor

    Proudist moment: - Winning the Sewing Bee

    Best advice received: - Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle.

    Happiest when: - Watching TV with the whole family

    Food I can't live without: - Toast

    Era I would visit: - The 1920's

    Chore I avoid: - Emptying the dishwasher

  • Charlotte Newland

    Crafting Q&A

    What made you want to start crafting?
    I have been sewing since I was a tiny girl – I don’t actually remember a time when I didn’t make things.

    How did you learn?
    I had some Ladybird books when I was tiny that had really great projects in them (a dog made from a felt-covered toilet roll tube comes to mind), but I was taught in a more formal way at primary school. I first learned dressmaking at age nine, using an ancient hand-cranked Singer sewing machine.

    What advice would you give to those starting out in craft?
    The best advice I can give is not to get too hung up on things being perfect. Just enjoy yourself and the skills will come in time.

    What are the crafting essentials that you couldn’t bear to live without?
    My sewing machine and overlocker, and also my rotary cutter.

    How would you describe your crafting styles and tastes?
    I like to sew clothes from quirky fabrics and in bright colours.

    What does your craft room look like? (Any tips for tidy storage?)
    I have lots of storage in my craft room, but unfortunately most of my stuff doesn’t actually make it inside! I have several teetering piles of fabric on most surfaces. Luckily I can close the door and hide everything.

    Where do you find your crafting inspiration?
    From instagram and blogs, mainly.

    What do you consider your greatest craft-related achievement?
    Winning the Great British Sewing Bee!