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7 Clever Crafts to Bring The Outside In

Now that spring is well-and-truly here, bring nature into your space with these seven brilliant craft ideas

7 Brilliant Ideas for Bullet Journaling

1 Terrarium

Homemade terrariums will never go out of fashion – they're super easy to construct and can be made to complement any décor style. Gather materials like rocks, charcoal, crystals, twigs, potting soil, sand, succulents and small plants (the possibilities really are endless). Place a layer of rock into a glass jar or clear container and add a layer of charcoal to absorb any excess water. Next in is the soil, then it’s time to get planting and decorating!

2 Floral mural

Real flowers may be temporary, but pretty flower murals are forever, because you're never going to want to redecorate again. Working in squares of block colour, design a simple cross stitch flower pattern on paper. Next, cut a cross from a sheet of foam and stick it onto a backing, making a stamp that represents one square of your design. To keep your work as clean as possible, it's a good idea to create a stamp for every individual colour you'll be using. Working from your pattern, print your design onto the wall using acrylic paint.

3 Pressed plant frame

If you're trying to salvage the leaves of a neglected plant or extend the life of a particularly pretty flower, this DIY pressed plant frame is for you. Sandwich each leaf or flower between two sheets of tissue paper and place them in the middle of a large book. Lay the book on its front, stack more books on top and let the plant dry for a few days – it shouldn't curl at the edges when you try and remove it. Position your pressed plant in a frame and use small pieces of double-sided tape to secure it.

4 Dried flower garland

Speaking of dried plants, why not embrace the spring season by hanging pretty flower garlands around your space? Collect bright blossoms, such as strawflowers, gomphrena and marigolds, and string them together with baker's twine (choose natural fibres for a decoration that is 100 percent compostable!) While you can include leaves in your creation, be wary that these will crumble much faster than the flowers – try making a garland from fabric leaves instead, like the Craft Buddy Mixed Size Fabric Leaves in Matt Gold and Silver.

5 Egg cup face planters

For this trendy project, you'll need a plain white egg cup, porcelain paints and a porcelain pen, such as the Creativ Glass and Porcelain Pen. Following the instructions on your supplies, preheat your oven to the suggested temperature. Paint rosy cheeks and hair details on the egg cup, use the porcelain pen to mark on facial features and leave to dry for up to 24 hours. Once you've baked your make according to the instructions, give your egg cup friend a fabulous hairdo by adding a tiny plant.

6 Shell mobile

A rustic seaside mobile will bring a touch of style to any modern space. Depending on the desired aesthetic, decide whether you're going to colour your shells with watercolour paints or allow their natural beauty to speak for itself. Cut lengths of twine and secure a shell or pebble to the end of each piece with a knot. Continue sliding and knotting shells, pebbles and beads onto each string. When you're happy with your design, tie the strings to a piece of driftwood and hang on the wall using the same twine.

7 Wine cork succulents

If you love plants but your thumb simply refuses to turn green, craft these adorable wine cork planters. The smaller a plant is, the less likely it is to die...right? Seriously, succulents are hardy, and tiny ones work perfectly for this make. Drill a cavity into the top of the cork and shake out any dust. Dip the bottoms in green paint and leave to dry, then insert your plant. You can even use a glue gun, like the Crafter's Companion Hot Glue Gun, to affix magnets!