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7 Clever Uses For Your Fabric Scraps

We all have small bits of pretty fabric that we can’t bear to toss, so why not turn them into brilliant creations?

7 Clever Uses For Your Fabric Scraps

1 Magnets Critters

Turn your fabric scraps into cute little animals sewn around a magnet, for the perfect fridge decorations. Kids will love moving them around and creating their own storybook scenes – you could even involve them in the fun design process. Just make sure to supervise any scissor usage, and do the actual sewing yourself.


Fabric bookmarks are pretty, easy to spot and gentle on a book’s pages – perfect! To make them, you simply need to sew a pretty scrap of fabric to a length of elastic that’ll fit around the book. Why not use different fabric scraps for different genres of books? You could have bright patterns for adventure, and gloomier colours for spooky horrors.

3 Napkin Rings

Colourful rings of fabric tied around napkins can be a bit much on a normal day, but for fun parties and social gatherings, they add a perfect touch of colour to the dining table. Why not look through your crafty storage for odd bits and bobs that you couldn’t bear to part with, and use them as pretty embellishments?

4 Hairclip Accessories

If the scraps are from dressmaking fabric, you should definitely turn them into little accessories to complement your outfit. One way to do this is to attach little bows to simple hairclips. If you have enough fabric, you could also create little faux flowers, by carefully twisting strips.

5 Earphone Holder

Earphones are forever getting twisted in pockets and bags, so you want something that can hold them steady while still being gentle on their wires – a small pouch or ring will be perfect. You could even add a little strap inside, to go around the earphones and prevent them from twisting together.

6 Mini Sewing Kit

You never know when you’ll need a needle and thread while out and about, but with a handy little sewing pouch that fits in your handbag, you’re ready for anything. Trousers embarrassingly torn? No problem. Bag strap keeps coming off? That’s fine. Just make sure to keep the needles in a little plastic container, to prevent them from poking through.

7 Light Switch Cover

Did you know, light switches can sometimes be the dirtiest places in our homes? This is because they’re touched so regularly and often missed when we have a cleanup. However, with some pretty fabric scraps, you can create a cover that’s easily washable, and complements the rest of your decor. Why not switch the pattern each season, too?