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When will I receive my magazine?

The Summer issue will be sent out to members from July 7th 2014.

Please note, anyone who joins/joined the club after July 1st 2014, will receive their magazines with their Welcome Packs.

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When I try to login, I keep getting the message "incorrect email or PIN was entered". What am I doing wrong?

Double check that you are entering the correct details exactly as they appear on your welcome email. If you've been trying for some time, try using the delete key on your keyboard a number of times in each box before making the entries. This will 'clear out' any past data which may be invisible to you.

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Are any of the back issues available to members?

Most of our past issues are free to view online, just follow the links to our back issues page.

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What should I do if I have not received my club badge?

We're sorry you haven't received your badge. If you give us your information, we will do our best to ensure you receive one.

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How do I use my discount voucher?

You can use your discount voucher to buy any craft purchases on the website, via order entry or the IVR system.

Please note:  You have to add products worth at least £10 to your basket, before your £10 credit appears on your account.  (Please note for new members there may be a 24 hour delay before you can redeem your voucher.) Back to Top

Can I use it against another membership or to pay my postage and packing?

Unfortunately not - our systems are unable to process this. Back to Top

How do I get my exclusive members gift?

Our regular free gifts will be advertised in the club area on our website.  Simply add the item to your basket as you would with a normal order and just pay the postage and packing at the checkout.Back to Top

I'm already a member and this doesn't finish until later in the year - can I purchase this now and activate it when my current membership ends?

No, you can't buy new membership until 21 days before your current membership runs out.Back to Top

When my membership runs out, will you remind me that it needs renewing?

Yes, we will send you a renewal email or a letter if you don't have an email address, approximately 21 days before your membership is due to lapse.Back to Top

Can I buy the membership as a gift for someone else?

No, you can't currently buy this as a gift. Back to Top


When I try to watch video, it will not play. What am I doing wrong?

It is quite likely that your video settings are not set up correctly. The most common cause is that an application called 'QuickTime' is trying to play the video, rather than Flash. Select 'QuickTime Player' from your 'Programs' list in the 'Start' menu. Click 'Edit', then 'Preferences' and then 'QuickTime Preferences'. In the 'file types' tab, you must ensure that the 'streaming' option in unchecked'. Next, click on the 'browser' tab, followed by the 'MIME settings' and again remove the tick from the 'streaming' option. Click 'apply', then Ok.

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What is Flash?

Flash is a system that allows people to run animations and dynamic presentations on the web. Usually, web pages are 'static' (ie there is very little movement on the page) and can be compared to the pages of a magazine. Pages developed using Flash can better be compared to animations or films because the content can be presented in a time-based format. This is why Flash presentations are often referred to as 'movies'. If you need to download flash click here.

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What is the Flash player?

The Flash player is a free accessory (referred to as a 'plug-in') that allows the user to view Flash movies. If you try to view the movie without the player, then the Flash presentation will not show and you will probably get a message telling you that you need to download the player. To download the most recent player click here.

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How do I get the Flash player?

It is very likely that you will already have the Flash player installed on your computer since it is automatically provided with many of the more recent browsers. If you cannot see Flash movies then you will need to download the player from the Adobe web site. The download will take a minute or two over a 56k modem and can be used as soon as download is complete. The player only needs to be installed once.

Install the Flash player -

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What should I do if I have problems with the installation?

If you do have any problems with downloading the Flash player, then you can get help from the Adobe web site.

Visit Adobe for help

Support: Please note we do not provide support for the Flash player product.

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I still have a problem that is not covered in your FAQ section?

Should you have any other queries about the Club, we can be contacted on our dedicated Member Help Line on 08431 681 000; lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm (except Bank Holidays).

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