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7 Easy Craft Ideas for the Garden

Whether your garden is whimsical, overrun by tots or has a more traditional touch, the whole family will love making these fun outdoor projects in preparation for summer

7 Easy Craft Ideas for the Garden

1 Seed packet letters

Don’t throw away those empty seed packets! Re-use them to create an easy garden project that only requires a few materials, like wooden letters. Why not try Craft Buddy’s 44 piece MDF Uppercase Letters Kit and spell out ‘Summer’ or ‘Grow’? When you have your letters, simply cut images out of the seed packets, arrange them in a pattern and affix them to the wood with Mod Podge. Work in layers to create a collage effect, letting each layer dry before moving on to the next. Remember to seal the letters with an outdoor varnish before displaying your seed packet artworks outdoors.

2 Painted garden markers

Say goodbye to plastic garden markers with this easy yet adorable crafting idea. With your vegetable patch in mind, head out to collect stones that are similar shapes to your veggies (it’s a good idea to wash them and label the backs with a pencil before you get started). Using a pencil, draw a vegetable onto one of the stones, then apply two or three coats of paint, such as the Glitz Crafts Primary Acrylic Paint. Once dry, use a thin paint brush and white paint to outline the image and write the vegetable’s name. Complete the stone with a clear finishing spray that is suitable for outdoor use, to protect your design from the elements.

3 Mushroom stools

A fun crafting project that can easily be moved to any area of the garden, these terracotta pot mushroom stools will be loved by kids of all ages. Simply spray paint the outside of the pots white and the underside of each draining saucer in a bright colour, allowing them to dry for 24 to 48 hours. To create the mushrooms’ spots, use a round sponge or a tool like the Viva Decor Stippling Sponge Brushes, and print dots directly onto the painted saucer with white acrylic paint. Once the dots have dried, coat all painted surfaces with a layer of clear outdoor sealer. Once that has dried, you can assemble the stool – adhere the saucer, painted side up, to the top of the upside-down pot with waterproof outdoor glue.

4 Floral wellies

If you’ve dug out your old wellies to find that they’re no longer in pairs, why not recycle a lone boot into a bright and charming planter for the garden? Clean the wellington boot (inside too!) and let it dry completely, then use a screwdriver to make a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Apply a base coat of spray paint and, once your project has dried overnight, stuff it with newspaper and paint your design. Again, let the boot dry overnight, then spray with a clear paint sealer, suitable for outdoor use. Make a layer of small rocks or sand in the bottom of the boot – to prevent it from tipping over and to help with drainage – then get planting.

5 Key wind chime

Upcycle a set of vintage keys by fashioning a shabby-chic wind chime. Simply wrap yarn around an embroidery hoop – such as the 10" Wooden Embroidery Hoop by Korbond – until the hoop is completely covered. Next, attach the keys to your hoop by looping a piece of yarn through each one, pulling the ends through the loop to secure, then tying the key strand to the hoop. Space the keys out evenly and vary the lengths of yarn to create a tiered look. Braid or tie a further three loops of yarn to the hoop at equal distances, then tie them together so that you can hang up your wind chime. Finish by decorating with more materials and embellishments.

6 Whimsical bird bath

What’s better than a whimsical flower pot? A whimsical bird bath built from stacked flower pots, of course! For this project, prime and then paint one large terracotta flower pot and multiple smaller pots in a colour of your choice – using a spray paint, such as Montana’s 400ml Spray Paint will help to make the finish smoother. Measure the height of your pots, add a further 24 inches to your measurement, then cut a reinforcing bar to this length. Hammer the rebar into the ground and thread on the large flower pot through the hole in its bottom, then fill with soil. Continue threading pots, alternatively tilting each one to either side and packing with soil. Drill a hole in the middle of a bowl and thread this onto the rebar to finish the structure. Seal the hole with adhesive, add a few decorative birds to watch over your new bird bath and fill with water.

7 Recycled fairy garden

A fairy garden is a lovely, kid-friendly craft idea, and you can easily make one from recycled plastic bottles. Just wash out the bottle and cut away the top portion with a craft knife, like the Premier Craft Tools Precision Craft Knife with 2 Blades. Remove and set aside the lid, discarding the plastic band around the neck of the bottle. Next, paint both halves of the bottle (paint the top section in green) and allow to dry. Cut a window in the bottom section of the bottle, and evenly spaced vertical slits all around the top half. Bend the end of each slit upwards to look like curling leaves. Use a hot glue gun to line the bottom of the fairy house with moss and to secure a silk flower to the lid. Screw the lid back onto the bottle, assemble the house by slotting the top portion over the bottom portion, then place a battery operated tea light inside.