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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

5 Craft Ideas Using Old Buttons

You may have gathered quite the collection of buttons in your time as a crafter, so here are some simple ideas to give the buttons a new life. If you haven’t got buttons you’re willing to part with, you can buy one of our mixed packs, like the Button Mixed Colours And Sizes 800pcs set or our Wooden Buttons With Assorted Motives (484900).

5 Ingenious Ways to Upcycle Plant Pots

1. Button Bouquet

A bouquet made from buttons is a quirky alternative to a real bunch of flowers, but this one will last a lifetime! Cut some wire into 12-14cm long stems - you could use our Florist Wire 0.5mm Black. Bend the stems into U shapes and thread on a few buttons, starting with the smallest and working upwards in size. Use around four buttons for a perfect flower head, but you could make a couple of flowers with just two buttons for added dimension. Once you have threaded all the buttons onto the wire, twist behind the largest button and all the way down the stem, to secure the buttons. Repeat this process 6-7 times to create a bouquet fit for any vase.

2. Button Hot Air Balloon

Create a magical hot air balloon canvas using just buttons and twine. Simply sketch or trace a hot air balloon onto the canvas and glue buttons over the balloon section. For the basket of the balloon, create a cross hatch effect using brown thread or twine such as our Natural Twine 2mm x 180m. Bring a few strands upwards to connect the basket to the hot air balloon. For the finishing touch, you could use watercolours to create a scenic background for the balloon to be floating on.

3. Balloon Bowl

This colourful bowl makes the perfect storage for some trinkets, or maybe even some sweets! Blow up a balloon the size you’d like your bowl to be. Place the balloon onto an old cup or jar to keep it upright. Then, apply a layer of glue to the top half of the balloon and let this completely dry. Apply a second layer of glue over the top and begin applying buttons to cover all the glue. Try and arrange them as tightly as you can. While this layer dries, turn the balloon the other way around to stop the buttons from sliding down. Finally, cover the buttons in another layer of glue in order to strengthen them. If you repeat the last step a few times, the bowl will be stronger. When all the glue is completely dry, make a small cut in the balloon to deflate it, peel it out and your bowl is ready to enjoy!

4. One Step Makes

There are lots of household objects that can easily be updated by adding a button - and all you’ll need is a glue gun! Try our Crafter's Companion Hot Glue Gun for easy gluing. Amp up your hair slides or push pins by gluing a single button to the end. You could also glue buttons onto small round magnets for a quick way to liven up your fridge memos. Finally, why not try gluing a small button to a paperclip for handy bookmark?

5. Picture frames

A quick way to jazz up an old photo frame is to simply glue buttons around the frame. You could use similar coloured buttons for a monochrome look, or try or use complementary colours to create an ombre effect that runs down the frame. This craft makes the perfect gift for a relative - simply pop in a picture of you both.