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7 Tips For Making Crafting With Kids A Breeze

Getting your little ones involved in crafting can be so fun, and it has great educational benefits for them, too. While it can be a fun activity for a rainy afternoon, crafting with kids is more often than not a messy experience, and sometimes children can get frustrated if they don’t understand something. If you’re after a smooth, drama-free crafting session, take these tips on board.

7 Tips For Making Crafting With Kids A Breeze

1. Prepare for mess

It’d be impossible to craft with kids without there being a little bit of mess. Instead of stressing and attempting to contain their creativity, simply get one step ahead and tackle the mess before it begins! Dress your little ones in old clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky, and lay down newspaper over your worksurface for quick and easy clean-up at the end of the project

2. Run with their imagination

We’ve all been there: you spent hours on Pintrest looking for the perfect project, collecting the supplies and explaining to your child how to get started. All they want to do? Smear paint and glitter all over a piece of paper! Getting kids involved with projects may mean that the results turn out a little differently than you expected, but remember – it’s the taking part that counts.

3. Make it educational

Crafts are such a fun activity, and they will keep kids engaged for hours. Take the opportunity to incorporate some educational elements into the activity, like teaching numbers and colours, in a subtle way. Keep the questions simple and scattered throughout, for example asking how many colours they can see or what noise an animal makes.

4. Don’t be too sentimental

Whether they bring it home from school or nursery or make it on a rainy day at home, kids produce a lot of art. If you’re getting overwhelmed with the amount of projects you have to find homes for, remember that you don’t have to keep every single piece of art your child creates! Maybe use a one in one out system to keep the piles down, or take photos of their paintings on your phone so you can treasure them forever.

5. Keep it simple

It’s important not to overwhelm your little one with too many mediums and materials at once. If you keep it simple with just a few products, they can really explore each one in detail and work out the best way to use it. Plus, if they get bored, you can always introduce something new!

6. Positive encouragement

Boosting self-esteem is so important when it comes to crafting! If your little helper knows they’re doing a good job, they’ll be much more likely to want to join in again

7. Make tidying fun

If you instill in your little ones that cleaning up comes after crafting, they will become used to it and understand it simply as a part of the experience. There are loads of fun cleaning up songs and games that can make this part of the process fun for kids, meaning you aren’t left to deal with the mess on your own!!