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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Crepe Paper Crafts For The Home

It's colourful, easy to use and can be made into so many things – why not try decorating your whole home with crepe paper?

7 Crepe Paper Crafts For The Home

1. Flowers in a Vase

The thin weight and rippled texture make crepe paper a popular choice for crafting realistic-looking flowers. Try filling a whole vase full of roses made from Lia Griffith’s Sangria, Aubergine, Cherry and Raspberry Crepe (427581) for some gorgeous, long-lasting home accessories.

2. Pom-pom Hangings

Crepe paper pom-poms are typically used as party decorations, but there’s no reason they can’t be a regular home decoration. The fluffy-looking balls are easy to make and definitely infuse a room with joy – you can string a few from the ceilings at different heights for a pretty art piece.

3. Fluffy Bunting

Much like pom-poms, bunting is typically seen as a party-only thing. But if you make it in white, using paper such as Lia Griffith’s Extra Fine White Crepe (427575), it adds an air of sophistication to the craft. Why not drape it around the mantlepiece, or through the stair rails?

4. Stained Glass Candle Holders

Since crepe paper is see-through, you can create a pretty stained glass look by glueing strips of it onto a glass cup. Just make sure to use a clear-drying glue, such as Pinflair Glue Gel (185105), and don’t layer too many strips on top of each other. Finish by putting a tealight in the glass.

5. Fairy Lights

For a gorgeous decoration that looks amazing in low light, craft tiny crepe flowers to go over fairy lights. The process might be time-consuming, so you could add to it a little more each day. There are numerous choices for what colour or flower you could use, so why not switch it up for each little light?

6. Warmly-lit Lanterns

For a warm, subtle light in the living room, you could make a crepe paper lantern to go over a lighting fixture. The crepe paper will let a gentle light through while preventing glare. Soft colours are best for this purpose, so Lia Griffith’s Honey Suckle Crepe (427569) is perfect for the task.

*Ensure that you use a lower watt bulb for this project as these produce less heat than traditional lightbulbs - an LED lightbulb is best.

7. Wall Decorations

Once you decide to use a wall as your canvas, there are unlimited choices of how to decorate it – you could create a pattern of pastel flowers, spell your name in pom-poms, hang rows of rainbow-coloured crepe paper strips for a pretty backdrop, make a trail of poofy butterflies… the choice is yours.