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CutterPillar - the very best cutting solutions

CutterPillar - the very best cutting solutions

CutterPillar are known for their excellence when it comes to paper cutters and trimmers. Offering the world-famous CutterPillar Crop and CutterPillar Pro, they’re always striving to bring crafters the very best cutting solutions. Alongside the cutters, they offer an outstanding range of self-healing and glass cutting mats, crafting light tablets, and storage bags, enabling you to craft literally anywhere and achieve excellent results, every time.

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CutterPillar FAQs

Yes. The new Pro ABS and Crop versions have imperial AND metric measurements.

Your CutterPillar should cut for years and years with the sharp rotary blade it came with. However, should your CutterPillar blade ever need a replacement, we offer a free lifetime replacement warranty on the rotary blade (with regular use--attempting to cut things other than paper and similar stock will void your warranty). Simply contact customer service to order your replacement blade. You just pay shipping.

The rotating blade is warrantied for life. The rest of the CutterPillar Pro is warrantied against manufacturing defects for 90 days. If you discover a manufacturing defect within the first 90 days, please contact customer service. We will repair or replace your CutterPillar with an equal model at our discretion*. After 90 days, we will help you troubleshoot your issue. There are many small adjustments that can be made at home that are likely to fix your issue. If not, we offer repairs for a charge. Please contact customer service. For user-caused issues, please contact customer service to discuss your options. (*Note: exchanges for a newer model will not be allowed.)

The CutterPillar Pro ABS weighs 4 lbs. The Crop weighs 2.5 lbs. The CutterPillar Pro V3 weighs about 6 lbs out of the package.

The CutterPillar Pro ABS and Crop both run on 4 AA batteries. Because the lights are LED, they are very energy efficient and should run off one set of batteries for years. Batteries are not included.

No. Currently the CutterPillar comes in our signature color, fabulous lime green.

No blade is truly self-sharpening as any blade that comes into contact with another surface will gradually lose metal particles from its tip and become duller. However, as much as any blade can be self-sharpening, ours is! The CutterPillar's two-blade mechanism allows the rotary blade to pass against the stationary blade at the edge of the cutting surface, much like a pair of scissors. This helps keep the blades sharp. In fact, we have found that our cuts actually become cleaner and more precise the more we use our CutterPillars. The rotation of the moving blade also helps keep the blade sharper much longer than standard stationary blades. It provides 360 degrees of cutting edge rather than a tiny spot on the blade that always hits the paper.