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Exclusive Project

Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar

Follow Louise Dunbar’s steps to create your very own desktop calendar for the New Year.

You will need:

  • 12x12 cardstock
  • Paper trimmer
  • Score board
  • Split Rings
  • Red liner tape/glue
  • Coloured card stock/patterned papers
  • Pens
  • Stamps

Time to Make: 1-2 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate


  1. Desktop Calendar

    Take a piece of 12x12 cardstock and trim it down to 12x7’’
    Score along the 7’’ length at 3 ½’’, fold and crease the score line.
    The piece that you cut off from the 12x12, should measure 12x5’’ score this piece at ¼’’, 2 ½’’ and 3 ¾’’ mountain and valley fold this piece to form a ‘W’ shape, this will become the gusset support for your calendar base.

  2. Desktop Calendar

    To attach the gusset part, put some red liner tape along the edges of the folded piece and place it to the inside of the folded part, you should now have something that looks like a tent with the supporting piece attached to the inside.

  3. Desktop Calendar

    Now to create your numbers and months, you'll need to cut 12 pieces of your backing cardstock to 5x 2 1/2'' and for the numbers you'll cut 14 pieces to 2 1/2 x 2 1/2''.
    When you've cut out all your pieces, it's time to punch the holes in the top. Take the first piece of each of the sizes, punch the hooes in the top. (2 to the bigger piece, 1 each on the smaller squares) THen use these as your templates for the rest of the pieces.

  4. Desktop Calendar

    Create the layers for the months and numbers, then using a numbers die set cut out numbers 0-9 ( you'll need to cut out 2 each of numbers 0, 1 2 and 3) Attach these to the squares you created earlier. Then do the months. You can chosse to die cut them out using alphabet dies, or your ScanNCut, or you can hand letter them like i did. When you 've completed these, add them to the mats and pop them onto the pieces you punched the holes into.

  5. Desktop Calendar

    To put everything together, take the numbers and months and thread them onto your split rings. Be sure to put them on in order so that when they flip, it's the next month/date that comes next. (This is easier to do than explain)

  6. Desktop Calendar

    To attach the moneht and umbers, place a piece of red liner tape to the last pieces on the rings. So December, 3 and 0. THen place thes onto the 'Tent' piece, slightly above the top fold to ensure they flip backwards over the top.

    There you have it , your very own flip, desktop calendar which you can use year after year.